9 Tips For Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is an exhilarating, albeit anxious experience. Fortunately, there are a few excellent tips that you can follow to get your dream car.

9. Know When To Buy

Just as much as you want to buy a vehicle, car dealerships want to sell one. However, many dealerships struggle to meet their sales quotas, meaning they offer special prices on their vehicles.

If you are looking to pounce on the best deals, we recommend buying during a holiday sale, or towards the end of the year.

8. Determine A Budget

One of the most important steps of the car buying process is setting a realistic budget. Far too often, people will walk into a dealership without a semblance of how much they want to spend.

Then, they walk out of the dealership with a wildly expensive vehicle that will straddle them financially for years. Don’t let this situation happen to you. Instead, determine a realistic estimate of how much you can spend on a vehicle based on your current financial situation.

This will help you stay grounded throughout the car buying process.

7. Conduct Thorough Research

Another common misstep that first-time car buyers make is not following through with car research. In today’s technological age, it is easier than ever to find comprehensive information on vehicles. One of the best methods of research is using a VIN decoder from carVertical, AutoDNA, Carfax or Edmunds. This tool will allow you to see a wide variety of information about a vehicle, including:

  • Where it was made
  • Safety features
  • Engine size

Additionally, we recommend visiting reputable sites such as Kelley Blue Book to examine worthwhile information about various vehicles. From there, you can make an informed purchase at the car dealership.

6. Visit Multiple Car Dealerships

Believe it or not, dealerships can have massively different prices on the same vehicle. Because of this, it is valuable to visit multiple car dealerships throughout the buying process.

Additionally, some dealerships will have a more extensive selection of vehicles to choose from, meaning you can get the exact model that you want.

5. Test Drive Several Vehicles

The saying “To each their own” rings especially true in the automotive industry. That’s because each individual will have different preferences for a vehicle. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you test drive multiple vehicles.

Performing this simple activity will allow you to determine which vehicles you like the best. From there, you can compare all of the vehicles you’ve test-driven to determine which one you prefer.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

For many individuals, negotiating is a highly uncomfortable and awkward process. However, most car dealerships are more than willing to negotiate prices on their vehicles.

In many cases, people have saved thousands of dollars simply by negotiating. We recommend visiting a site such as Kelley Blue Book to determine a fair market value for the vehicle you wish to purchase.

3. Buy Used Cars If Possible

We understand that new cars come with all of the bells and whistles that you could ever want.

However, they also come with a hefty price tag. Rather than buying brand new cars, we recommend purchasing a vehicle that has been lightly used. You will pay significantly less, while still getting a long-lasting vehicle.

2. Don’t Get Stuck With A Lease

Sales representatives are taught to always try to sell you the most expensive model of a vehicle.

Many people end up purchasing these expensive vehicles and ending up with a lease. If you sign a lease agreement, you will likely be straddled with expensive car payments for upwards of five years.

1. Always Read The Fine Print

Finally, you should always make sure that you read all of the details in the contract. Remember, once you have signed off on purchasing a vehicle, that is a legally binding contract. If you have any questions about the contract, be sure to ask the sales representative at your dealership.

Hopefully, you now know what steps you have to take when buying your first car. If you follow these nine steps, you can find your dream vehicle at the right price.

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