8 Bodybuilding Tips to Speed Up Your Results

When people start out bodybuilding, they want to make quick progress toward muscle development. Sometimes, though, people are overwhelmed with so much information, that they don’t know what is really best.

The following are the best tips for quickest bodybuilding growth.

Begin With Proper Fuel

Each day you will be working out, you need to eat some protein and carbohydrates before and after your workout. This directly feeds and fuels your muscles.

Eat Enough Protein Each Day

In order to build muscles, not simply tear them down, your body needs 1 to 1.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight. At the least, aim for around 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal each day. Also, your meals need to be spaced evenly apart throughout the day. Yes, this means breakfast is important!

Stretch First

You need to incorporate a good and thorough, but quick, stretching routine that you will do before you workout each time. This will get your muscles loose and limber.

Work Different Body Parts

In order to allow some body parts to have a rest, and to keep your workout from becoming too much, it is important to divide up your routines. Many beginners work biceps, triceps and shoulders on one day and chest and back on another day. It is easiest to do legs on the same day as chest and back. By rotating body parts, you give the other body parts a rest so that they can bulk up.

Lift Three Times a Week

If you really want to get somewhere quickly, you need to devote three times per week to your bodybuilding. For people who lack motivation, two times per week is fine. Cardiovascular needs to be daily.

Form and Number of Reps

You need to use really strict form for each and every set. If you are throwing the weights around and not lifting methodically, you are wasting the motion of some of each rep. You want to move each body part through the full range of motion carefully and slowly, in a controlled manner. In this way, your muscles will end up fully defined.

People who use poor form can injure themselves, setting their training back. Also, if you are throwing the weights around, you may impress some people who are uninformed, but your muscles will not benefit from definition of each and every part. Controlled and slow is the only way to do each rep, so your muscles are doing the all of the work.

According to, you need to use a weight that you can lift 12 to 15 times with perfect form to exhaustion. When you are able to easily lift a weight 15 times, and you have not yet reached exhaustion, it is time to slightly increase the weight. The quickest gains come when you can keep strict form, and regularly increase the weight you are lifting.

Days Off

Bodybuilding breaks down muscles in order to build them up stronger than before. In between each of your three days, you need a rest day. This allows muscles to build during the day off.

Avoid Fad Diets

Fad diets come and go. They eventually end up being found to be a poor substitute for full nutrition with whole foods. The best way to decide what to eat each day is to look at the food pyramid by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The only difference for a bodybuilder is to add more protein. The food pyramid keeps you lean, yet strong, because the emphasis is on a well-rounded diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.

For busy, working people, many ask how to get in all of those fruits and vegetables each day. One easy way to add some fruits and vegetables each day in addition to apples, oranges and salads is to juice. Raw vegetable juice may sound gross, but it can be an incredibly tasty and refreshing as a way to begin your day.

The following is a really great raw vegetable juice combination you can make in a $50 juicer:

  • Begin with a yam
  • Add a cucumber
  • Add a few carrots
  • Add some lettuce between the carrot slices
  • Add some celery stalks

The yam will provide you a lot of potassium. The carrots will provide antioxidants. The cucumber and celery provide more liquid and help keep your body more alkaline than acidic. The cucumber and the yam make the juice sweet and appealing, but you can add an apple, if you like it a bit sweeter.

Unlike what some of the juicing “gurus” tell you, other than apple, don’t mix fruits and vegetables. You can have a great fruit smoothie around 1 to 3 PM when your body hits that sluggish time. That will help you get over the hump. Don’t mix acidic fruits with vegetables.

Juicing floods your muscles with many great nutrients. Try the veggie juice recipe. You will see how your body responds to the juice. It definitely fills a need.

Lastly, stay off of alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco. We all can see people around us who have aged badly because they regularly consume these mood-altering substances. All of your work will be for nothing eventually, if you engage in these poor habits. They will break your body down.

With proper nutrition, strict form, and three bodybuilding workouts per week, you will be able to see the quickest and the most lasting progress in muscle development.

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