6 Korean Skincare Brands That Are Worth Your Money

Korean skincare burst onto the scene in 2013. At that time, brand choices paled in comparison to what they do today. Korean beauty products are so popular today that they are now offered in major US retailers such as Target, CVS, and Sephora. This is awesome if you are devoted to a brand that these retailers carry. However, there are tons of new companies, and they want in on the action.

This means that the number of choices can be overwhelming. Ecommerce sites like Beautytap and Glow Recipe offer so many products that it is hard to know what Korean skincare products are worth buying. The following Korean skincare brands have great reviews and tout proven results. If you seriously want to care for your skin, there is something here for you.


This company believes that food is at the center of our physical and mental health. Skinfood sources food from around the world to create skincare products. The food that they source is ethically produced. They regularly blog about the benefits of the foods they use.

They provide educational information on the desirable outcomes of using eggs, avocado, honey, and green juices in your skincare regime. Skinfood products are at a low price point of just $10 or less. One of their most popular products is the Black Sugar Mask. It is great for foot exfoliation


COSRX is based in the city of Seongnam, South Korea and was founded in 2014. This brand is well known for its effective products and simple packaging. To keep its cost low, COSRX sells its products exclusively online. Initially, it was the low cost of the product that caught the attention of many skincare enthusiasts.

However, it was the product quality that solidified the brand. The products are AHA and BHA. They are targeted toward chemical exfoliation which is best for sensitive or acne-prone skin. For this same reason, COSRX uses fewer ingredients. At a price point of just $5 or less, this is the most affordable brand of Korean skincare.


Korean skincare company, Missha, began in 2000. It was not until it launched the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence FTW) that Missha gained cult status on a global scale. This particular product was a dupe of the widely popular SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for a fraction of the cost. The company has continued to grow into the ideal choice for women of all

Recently Missha has released A‘pieu. It is a colorful line aimed to satisfy a younger market. The BB Cream Cushions and sunscreen are favorites. Prices begin at $10.

Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs believes in pure products. Their products are ideal for those with sensitive skin. The company CEO and product curator is Ryan Soungho Park. Originally named Klairs, the company was renamed with the vision of a love letter sent to a girl struggling with skin issues. Products start around $20.

Dear Klairs also offers a makeup line. Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum is considered a must-try product. Dear, Klairs is 100% cruelty-free:

  • no alcohol
  • no artificial fragrances,
  • no colorants, or
  • no parabens


Goodal is a favorite and is carried online by Ulta and Target. This affordable product is packed with powerful ingredients. For combining toner and serum steps into one, use Moisture Barrier Liquid.

Goodal’s parent company, Club Clio, also owns a line o makeup called Peripera. It has highly pigmented products and adorable packing.

Blossom Jeju

Although some Korean Beauty Brands go for subtle clean packaging, Blossom Jeju has a decorative look that suits its products perfectly. The company was founded in 2012 and is inspired by the famous Jeju island of South Korea.

Camellia seed oil is the signature ingredient that gives the line its wonderful scent. The price point is higher than other brands that I’ve mentioned. The richness of these products is hard to beat. You can sample Blossom Jeju products at Anthropologie locations. A must-try is the pink Camellia Vitamin Booster. Prices start around $30.

No matter what your preference or price point is there is a Korean skincare brand that will work for you.

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