5 Uplifting and Comforting Memorial Gift Ideas

When someone you know loses a loved one, it can be challenging to know what to say or how to express your condolences as they cope with the loss. You want to do something to honor the person who has passed, especially during a memorial service, when friends and loved ones gather to remember the deceased. During these times, it can be hard to know how to pay your respects in a personalized way.

A sympathy gift can help accomplish this. This token of sympathy can go a long way to showing how much you care and are present during this challenging time. Below are a few uplifting and comforting memorial gift ideas that can help you sympathize with the grieving person.

Flowers or Plants

Flowers have been the most common gift to send to someone who is grieving for generations, and if you decide that is the right thing for you to do, try and make it more thoughtful. Consider if there was a particular plant, flower, or color that the deceased loved or something that reminds you of that person.

For a plant, choose one that is easy to maintain and care for. Consider adding a personalized note or card to express your condolences. For flowers, choose from some of the many thoughtful sorry for your loss flowers, which will go a long way in comforting the bereaved family.

Create A Personalized Guestbook

You can make a personalized signing book where guests can sign their names when attending a memorial service. Along with the signatures, people can write a message of condolence to the family. Choose a specialized funeral guest book, or customize a large blank book with personal touches the family will appreciate. Ensure there is adequate space for the guest names and messages.

It may also be hard to come up with something thoughtful to say, and many find it challenging to know how to offer condolences. Sharing memories can be a great way to do that. Get a guestbook that has plenty of space and indicate that people can write longer messages, if they so choose. People can personalize their notes, ensuring the family has a permanent record of these memories of their lost loved ones.

Photo Albums

A beautiful photo album is a very touching keepsake. You and other mutual friends of the deceased may have photos of the deceased that the family has never seen. Compile these photos into a book, ideally a sizable self-adhesive photo album, and include a matching pen with room for your messages. Alternatively, choose a unique frame for one special picture and give it to the family.

You can call the funeral home in advance and confirm that the family is accepting any gifts besides flowers and send the photo album there. If the photos are in an envelope, you might consider delivering them directly to the family.

Personalized Compass

For someone who spends most of their time outdoors, a unique idea is a compass, engraved with the name of the deceased. This memorial gift can also be symbolic for people who don’t travel a lot, since a compass will always help someone find their way. You can consider getting an engraved nautical compass made in brass or black, with a special wooden or leather box.

A Self-Care Gift

People find it challenging to take care of themselves when dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is a good idea to give them vouchers for yoga classes, manicures, pedicures or massages that they can use when it is convenient for them. This is an excellent gesture to help them focus on themselves and take time out to relax.

Take into account the person’s interests and lifestyle. Perhaps they would like a gift card to the movies or the theatre; or if they love the outdoors, maybe a hiking book with local trails. Experts also recommend “I’m here for you” self-care grief packages that come with your own choice of sympathy card.

Comforting Throw Blanket With Text

A throw blanket is something comforting and warm to show that you care. These blankets can be personalized with different texts, colors, and images. Or, choose one with a special inspirational message or quote to help them through their grief. They are made in soft, high-quality materials that can either be used as a throw on the sofa or even hung on the wall.

If Necessary, Offer Cash

Setting aside some time to work through the recovery process can be challenging, and often, people who are grieving find it difficult to take the time that they need. The financial reality sets in, and they must get back to work. Not only that, but for those who have lost a spouse or partner, the household income has likely decreased as well, adding to an already stressful situation. Add the expenses of the funeral service and burial costs, and they might even find themselves in debt before long.

Offering cash can be difficult because it is not often a subject that is openly discussed. But giving money can ease stress significantly during this difficult time. Send a check enclosed in a card, or send an eGift card to help relieve the ailing family’s financial hardships.

Once Upon a Time

DIY photo frames can be made from clothespins, reclaimed wood, and twine. They can be created with photos of memorable moments or special times in the person’s life, which will make a meaningful and valuable gift to help remember the person who has passed. The family will appreciate and value the effort you put into such a sentimental and personalized gift.

Book of Letters

Organize a group of friends and compile a book of letters to present to the family. This book is not expensive to make, as it only requires a suitable binder and page protectors. You can also have a book professionally bound that each person can directly write in. It requires some coordination in contacting all the friends and getting all the letters, but most families would appreciate this kind gesture for many years to come.

Memorial Tribute Wind Chime

A wind chime gift set is a thoughtful gift idea since many people believe that those they love are still with them, helping guide them through their lives. This gift set can have the name of the deceased inscribed on it, along with an inspirational quote, if that is appropriate. Whenever the wind blows, friends and family members will be always reminded of their loved ones in a gentle, peaceful manner.

Get a Memorial Gift

There are not many things that are as personalized and appreciated as a memorial gift for someone who has lost a loved one. Take some time to consider something suitable that will help them understand you care for them and are there for them in their time of need. You may know your companion or loved one’s hobbies, interests, and personality better than anybody. They will be appreciative that you put in the effort to get them just the right gift when they needed it most.

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