Where To Place Home Security Cameras

Safety is the main priority with most homeowners across the country. With thousands of break-ins a year, it can become difficult to have the peace of mind you need unless you’ve prepared your home adequately to prevent such occurrences.

Luckily, modern technology has made it easier than ever to be in complete control of your property. While many homes understand how security cameras can be beneficial, it’s also critical to know the most strategic place to install them. Here are the best locations for home security cameras.

Outside Your Front Door

It can be a wrong conception to believe that intruders won’t attempt a break-in through the front door. Many burglars can gain entryway to a front door because homeowners inadvertently leave a door unlocked. With the emergence of home delivery packages in recent years, many thieves are stealing items right off a front doorstep.

For this reason, home security cameras can be accessed directly through the use of a video doorbell. Having tabs of who is coming and going gives any homeowner more confidence about their property while they’re not home.

Back Doors and Garage

It’s easy to neglect your secondary entryways when you’re only focusing on the front door. High traffic areas in the household, such as sliding glass backdoors, could be a prime location for an intruder to attempt a break-in. Security cameras placed here need to be weather resistant and waterproof as well.

You could also consider a camera placement for the backyard if you had valuable materials place in a den or shed. A garage can be a last-ditch effort if other attempts failed, so a security camera here can also be useful. Many families also store expensive items inside a garage that can’t fit inside the home.

Windows On The First Floor

You can rest assured that someone who had an unsuccessful break-in through a doorway will try one of the first-floor windows next. It’s pretty unlikely that even the most brazen of thieves will attempt a break-in on the second floor of your property.

They are trying to get in and out quickly with your expensive items. Commonly, they are going to attempt an intrusion through a window that is either away from the street or in the back of your property. Consequently, having a security camera inside pointing toward the window will make any unwanted person think twice about coming in.

Common Areas With Your Valuables

There isn’t a wrong place to have a security camera inside your home, but you do need to consider where you have expensive items.

Think about your bedroom, where you might have cash or jewelry hidden. The living room can be filled with expensive electronics. It could also be a good idea to have them placed in the hallways.

What Else Should I Consider For Security Camera Installation?

  1. Correct Placement – Generally speaking, a security camera needs to be at least ten feet above the ground so they can’t be easily taken down or destroyed. Also, make sure they are securely installed to withstand exterior elements.
  2. Right Angle – A camera that doesn’t pick up the correct angle can be almost useless. The right angle at one of your cameras could be the difference in identifying a suspect or only seeing the top of their head. Also, with correct placement, you can gain more of a peripheral view of your property.
  3. Wi-Fi connection – Excellent Wi-Fi connection can be important for wireless cameras. Without it, you run the risk of poor video monitoring.

The Bottom Line On Security Cameras

Technology has made it easier than ever to protect our home and loved ones. However, many homes across the country aren’t taking advantage of using these devices in and around their property. With the right placement, they will go a long way to keep your home on high alert.

Get assistance with a reputable company like Video Nadzor that can help you install security cameras in the perfect location so you’ll always have the extra feeling of protection you deserve.

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