How To Choose The Best Home Security System For Your Home

According to the FBI, about 2.2 million homes are burglarized in the United States every year. The statistics become even more alarming if we transform it into this: every 15 seconds someone is breaking into a home. But there’s also good news. About 60% of thieves will avoid yards with alarm signs in them even if they are not completely sure whether the house is alarmed. To catch the one who might dare to intrude into your home, buy one of the top home security systems from a reputable company.

What aspects should you consider while choosing an alarm system? And what package options are offered by secure service providers? Read on to get the answers.

The Types of Home Alarm Systems

Home security systems are divided into 3 types:

  1. Wired where the signal is transmitted from the detectors to the control panel through the cables;
  2. Wireless where the signal is transmitted via the radio channel;
  3. Hybrid where the two systems are combined and the signal is sent through both air and wires.

The choice of the system depends on the characteristics of the place you live in. For example, wireless systems are very popular due to the easy installation. But if your house or apartment is already wired for a system, then it makes sense to opt for a wired system.

How to Choose Equipment?

Home alarm systems come in many shapes and sizes. But though devices may differ, they have the same purpose of use. The equipment commonly includes:

Control panel

The control panel is a compact device that can look like a tablet touchpad or a calculator. It allows you to program, arm, and disarm the system and control all of the smart security devices you have. Its functions also include sounding the alarm when sensors (detectors) are triggered and sending an alarm to the monitoring company.

Security cameras

Cameras provide an additional pair of eyes and ensure security even when you are away. They are divided into outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cams.

Outdoor cams are mainly placed on the house’s front entrance or near the garage to get a full view of the yard and driveway.

Indoor cams are also used to check on the kids and their caretakers, aging parents, or pets when you are away from home.

Doorbell cams allow you to see, hear, and speak with anyone who is at your doorstep without opening the door. These cams can detect someone who approaches but doesn’t ring the doorbell.

The benefits of security cams are:

  • Live video streaming
  • Motion and audio detection
  • SD Card or Cloud storage
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Clear night vision.

Security Sensors

A good burglar alarm system contains security sensors.

Door and window sensors determine when a protected area has been breached. An owner is aware of anyone coming or going which also helps to watch after kids and pets.

As the name implies, motion sensors detect motion. They send alarms if some undesired guest appears in your home. There’s one defect in the work of motion sensors. They don’t differ between a wandering animal and an intruder. So, experts recommend cameras over motion detectors.

Environmental Sensors

A home alarm system doesn’t have a single goal of defending your property from burglars. It’s vital to detect environmental hazards a.s.a.p. Smoke, flood, and CO sensors help to protect you from fires, flooding, and high carbon monoxide levels.

Environmental sensors send appropriate alarm commands to devices if they detect danger. For example, a fire sensor also contacts the fire department and allows the owner to remotely shut the air off in the house (to slow the spread of fire).

Home security systems can be either self-installed (DIY installation) or professionally installed. Simple wireless devices come with detailed instructions. So, anyone who is a bit familiar with technologies is able to install it.

More complex, hard-wired systems should be installed by a professional. The process involves drilling holes, running cables, etc. You may set the system incorrectly.

What are the most rated home alarm systems in 2020?

Buying from one of the major players in the industry is never a miss. You can expect diligent customer service and top-notch devices. You only need to specify your priorities and then find a company that can meet them. Here’s a list of 5 home security providers that boast high reviews:


This company delivers wireless equipment, and the offered feature set is robust. The benefits include:

  • Devices perfect for DIY installation
  • 1-month money-back guarantee
  • Month-to-month monitoring option
  • 6 different equipment packages and 3 different monitoring plans.


Vivint is another provider of high-end wireless systems that offers same day pro installation. The benefits include:

  • Variety of tech devices
  • Easy-to-customize packages
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Flexible payment options
  • Lifetime warranty on the equipment.


ADT remains one of the most traditional and reputable home security brands on the market. It sells wired and wireless types of alarm systems. The benefits include:

  • Competitive monthly rate
  • Full-service home security
  • Customizable alerts, schedules, and automation
  • Half a year money-back guarantee.


Abode offers a wide choice of devices. The benefits include:

  • Free monitor activity with their mobile application
  • No-contract
  • Flexible monitoring service
  • A possibility to add in third-party devices.

Link Interactive

This brand is less known than the listed four, but it stands out from the others due to flexibility. The benefits include:

  • Multiple contract options
  • A great variety of products, including specific sensors you won’t find anywhere else
  • Short-term contracts perfect for renters and those who move often.

To know more about offered plans, prices, and other features, make online research and compare companies and their offers. You can always call them and make detailed inquiries. To detect the most unprotected areas of your living place, use this checklist. And remember, if you can control access, increase visibility, and maintain your property, you can protect your possessions, yourself, and your dear people.

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