8 Must-Have Tools Every DIY Lover Should Own

Are you obsessed with all things DIY but are always borrowing equipment from friends and family? Take a look at this list of 8 must-have tools every DIY lover should own. Nothing says expert DIYer like a garage full of the perfect tools.


No DIYer toolkit would be complete without the most iconic tool of them all: a hammer. This simple yet dynamic piece of equipment should always be at your side whether you’re building something new or repairing something old. A hammer is an ideal tool for securing and removing nails, another important component in a DIYers kit.


While a hammer can take care of any project that requires nails, you’ll need to invest in a drill to handle anything with screws. Power drills with equipped batteries are going to be your best bet. These tools don’t require annoying cords that could get in the way of your work and pose a safety hazard. You might want to buy multiple batteries with your drill so you can always keep a charged one handy.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is the godfather of all cutting tools. This piece of equipment features a rotating saw in the shape of a disk. Once you buy this tool, you can swap out the saw for different designs depending on the task you want to accomplish. Some circular saws have larger teeth than others. The type of saw you choose will completely depend on the DIY project you’re trying to complete.


Anything that doesn’t use nails or screws is most likely built with nuts and bolts. The only way to handle these items is with a handy wrench. If you’re tight on space or cash, a crescent wrench will do the trick. These adjustable wrenches have many different settings to match various sizes of different nuts and bolts. If you’re willing to invest a little more, it’s advisable to buy a series of wrenches that come in a variety of sizes. These wrenches are typically stronger and more durable than standard crescent wrenches.

Utility Knife

No matter what kind of DIY project you’re working on, you’ll always find yourself looking around for something sharp. Whether you need to open a new box, undo a zip tie, cut a piece of tape, or make a mark, a box cutter is the best piece of equipment to use. Box cutters, also known as utility knives, are affordable, durable, and versatile. You’ll find a countless number of uses for this tool within your first week of using it. Some utility knives even come with a few extra gadgets and gizmos attached for an even more dynamic tool.

Tape Measure

The fanciest and most expensive tools in the world are rendered useless without the proper measurements. A tape measure is the quickest and easiest way to get accurate measurements for all of your DIY projects. While there are harder rulers you can use, these can be awkward and difficult to use. The benefit of a tape measure is that it can fold up to a fraction of its overall length. Make sure you find one that has a hook to clip onto your pants or belt.


While a measure helps you to make the right measurements, a level helps to ensure everything is properly leveled. Without this tool, you could spend hours or days working on a project that ends up being slightly off-kilter. Whether you’re building a chair, a desk, or a wardrobe, an unbalanced item is an eyesore and a potential danger. You can buy an old-school level that uses bubbles and liquid to determine flatness, or you can opt for a fancy laser level.

Tool Box

Now that you’ve got all of your tools, you need a place to keep them. This is where a toolbox comes into play. These items make it easy to organize, protect, and carry all of your tools. Whether you need to work on a project away from home or simply don’t want to carry your tools individually, a toolbox can really come in handy. There are several different sizes and arrangements to choose from, so take your time to find one that best fits your current tool collection.

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