5 Tips for Staying Cool When Your AC Is Broken

It’s never fun when your AC breaks down during the hot summer months in Las Vegas since you want to stay cool. It can get uncomfortable in your home if you don’t have AC, so what should you do if you’re waiting for repairs? We have five tips to help you stay cool whenever you have to deal with a broken AC.

Go Somewhere Else

This seems simple, but it works effectively: you sometimes should leave your home and go to a place that you can cool off. You can find plenty of places that will allow you to cool off or enjoy some AC even if you have a broken unit.

  • Go to a swimming pool and relax in the water.
  • Visit a museum or other buildings that provide AC.
  • Stop by an ice-cream shop or restaurant that keeps the building cooled off.

If you have a warm home, then you should take the time to get out of it and go somewhere to cool off. This will allow you to remain comfortable despite your broken AC.

Take a Cold Shower

You won’t always be able to leave your home, but you can still use other ideas to cool yourself off. For example, a cold shower can do you wonders if you feel warm or you’re sweating. After all, you will want to clean yourself if you end up sweating too much, so a cold shower could do you wonders.

Just simply put the water at a lower temperature and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the cold. You could also try and take a bath, but it will quickly warm up, which you don’t want. Instead, you should let the cold water run down your body and allow yourself to enjoy it.

Stay in the Coldest Room

Remember that each of your rooms will have varying temperature. For example, a room with lots of open space will remain cooler for longer than a room that is condensed or on the second floor of your home. It doesn’t hurt to spend some time going through your rooms and figuring out which one feels the coolest.

After you find the coolest room in your house, you can spend most of your time in there. For example, you could move a TV into the room and other forms of entertainment so you can enjoy yourself and spend some time relaxing. Just find your coldest room and plan to stay in there.

Get Some Ice Packs

Cold water is great for cooling down the inside of your body, but you should also try out some ice packs to keep yourself cooled off. Many people will feel warm in their face, neck and other areas of the body, so applying the ice pack to those parts will help you to stay cool.

Make sure to buy multiple ice packs so you can keep some in the freezer and use others. This way, when some of your ice packs becomes too warm, you can swap out to the other ones. However, you should also wrap the packs in rags to apply to your skin.

Using Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are excellent ways to get some wind into your home so that it can cool off. This will depend on the weather, but you can easily try it out and see if Las Vegas is producing winds at the time. If it is, then you should open your doors and windows to cool off your home.

Make sure to close the doors and windows once you cool down the home. This way, you can easily keep your home cold and comfortable for a longer period of time. In short, you should use your doors and windows to better control the temperature.


It’s never fun to deal with a broken AC, but you can always use these tips to help you cool down while you wait for the repairs. Either way, you should contact the air conditioning repair Las Vegas offers as soon as possible. This way, you won’t have to deal with the broken AC for long, but you can still cool off by using these ideas.

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