The Public Health Phenomenon Behind Johnson & Johnson Talc Lawsuits

The health empire Johnson & Johnson has maintained their position as one of the most powerful and influential health care providers in the world.  To this day the company remains in the big pharma list of the most powerful drug corporations.  There are many that question Johnson & Johnson’s motives and state they put their profits over public safety.

The overwhelming amount of legal claims pursued against J&J has made millions question if their health may be in jeopardy.  Each year more than 20,000 female consumers of Johnson & Johnsons baby powder are diagnosed with ovarian cancer due to asbestos contaminated talc.

Failure to Properly Test Talc Used in Talcum Powder Products

The Colorado School of mines has stated the proper technique to find the asbestos in talc to be through a pre concentration technique.  The Johnson & Johnson company chose not to complete that type of testing and made the choice to use independent testing.  Even with knowing that talc and asbestos often naturally occur together in the earth,  the company still chose not to complete recommended testing.

An attorney, Mark Lanier with the Lanier Law Firm behind several Johnson & Johnson lawsuits has stated J&J has failed to complete proper testing of the talc used in their products.  A video interview with Mark Lanier and CSNBC discuss more regarding the situation of Johnson & Johnson claims and the link to ovarian cancer.  Mark states his views, knowledge and experience behind this existential crisis.

What is the Potential of Future Cases of Ovarian Cancer Increasing

Each year consumers that use Johnson & Johnson body and baby powder products are at a high risk of asbestos exposure.  The main ingredient in these products is cornstarch and talc, which contaminated talc may be a carcinogen.   Many believe that even talc in its purest form is still contaminated with the fibrous needle-like mineral called asbestos.  Throughout the mining process it has been known that talc and asbestos rest closely together in the earth.

The mineral asbestos has a long history of causing many severe health related diseases.  One of the most well known diseases is mesothelioma, a rare lung disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers.  A mesothelioma diagnosis is confirmed to be only caused by the exposure to asbestos.  When to think of men, women and infants have been using and covering themselves in these powders for years,  it gets very concerning.  To this day talc ovarian cancer lawsuits may be on the rise due to contaminated talc.  Most all cases of ovarian cancer or other asbestos related diseases take years to develop the slightest trace of symptoms.  When symptoms are noticed and treated, the patient is usually already in late stages of cancer.

Tests Confirm Decades of Negligence Towards Public Safety

Johnson & Johnson have records dated all the way back to 1972-1975 proving how the company failed to inform the FDA of multiple tests completed.  During those years different labs performed tests and found rather high amounts of asbestos in the talc.  Thinking that the company knew about these traces of asbestos and failed to inform is pure negligence.  J&J should have developed a more precise way to process and remove asbestos from talc being a healthcare empire valued over $450 billion.

Still to this day Johnson & Johnson defends thousands of claims for this highly reputable product.  The company says their baby powder is safe and does not cause cancer.  Many wonder what happened to Johnson & Johnson and it seems they have lost its way.  J&J baby powder is just one of many products that is available to the public but over the years it has been the most trusted, just like band aids.

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