Learn These Tips for Buying and Selling to a Pawn Shop

In the age of online marketing and Internet business listings, it has never been easier to locate a great pawn shop in Sydney. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling goods, building a great relationship with a pawn shop can be a wonderful experience in the long-term. Here are just a few great ways to make your next pawn shop venture worthwhile.

1. Know the Value of Different Items Before You Go

If you’ve ever seen the popular television show “Pawn Stars,” you’re probably familiar with the fact that bargaining is a huge part of typical interactions with pawn shop owners and staff. As you’ll likely also know from “Pawn Stars,” bargaining often relies on one party knowing less about a particular item than the other party.

To wit, doing your research when buying and selling items to and from pawn shops will save you an enormous hassle in the long run. If you’re not sure what your item is really worth, it’s important to try looking up the item on sites like eBay or Amazon to see what buyers are willing to spend on similar items.

This is not to say that you’ll necessarily get that particular price from a pawn shop; after all, a pawn shop needs to cut a deal with clients wherein the shop will be able to sell an item at a profit. If you’re an independent seller who deals directly with customers, in other words, you will be able to ask more for what you’re selling.

When dealing with a pawn shop, however, you’ll want to aim for a slightly lower price on the sale of an item so that the shop can recoup their investment while making a profit when the item sells. Otherwise, the shop has no incentive to buy an item from you.

2. Don’t Assume Bad Intentions

Many people dealing with pawn shops often walk away frustrated when they are not able to sell or purchase an item for a desired amount from pawn shop owners or their staff. However, this does not mean that the pawn shop is acting in bad faith when they name a price you’re not satisfied with. A good pawn shop will try to mitigate the risk of their investments and keep their profit margin in line with the current market.

After all, a pawn shop needs to make money, and owners of pawn shops often have to hold onto inventory for years before that inventory sells. Just because a pawn shop is offering you less than you’d like for an item that you’re selling does not mean that the pawn shop is trying to take advantage of you.

Moreover, a pawn shop owner may be under the impression that a particular item is worth more than you’re willing to spend to purchase it. Prices on items are subjective after all. At the end of the day, it’s better to assume good motivations on the part of pawn brokers than to burn the bridge of a potentially positive (and lucrative) future business partnership.

That being said, it is important to consider the following tips before setting a price with a local shop:

  • If you feel that a seller or buyer is genuinely acting in an untrustworthy fashion, go with your gut and walk away from the deal.
  • Compare prices at different shops. You’ll always value a second opinion even if the second opinion confirms the first opinion.
  • Don’t always write off shops with negative online reviews. Needlessly disgruntled customers can often tarnish the reputations of quality businesses.

3. Know Your Limits

For most of us, it is often easy to become enamored with a particular product at a pawn shop that is outside of our budget. At times like these it is often in our best interest to take a step back and think about a purchase before we make it. In business, thinking emotionally is generally frowned upon, and there is a good reason why great negotiators give themselves time and space to consider a sale or purchase.

This is also true when we’re under financial pressure to sell something: When bills are coming due, many of us will let a valuable item go for far less than it is actually worth. It’s unfortunate in the extreme, but sometimes unscrupulous buyers can spot when a seller is in a bind and use that situation to pay a person pennies on the dollar. In other words, whether we’re buying or selling something, we have to reason out that particular financial decision before we make it. No deal is worth the money if we’ll regret the decision for the next several years.

With these tips in mind, your next visit to your favorite Sydney pawn shop should be a breeze. Before you go, take a deep breath and understand what you want out of the exchange and what you are willing to accept from your next purchase or sale. Go with your gut, but be aware that pawn brokers are just humans like anyone else. Just because a purchase or sale didn’t go according to your plans does not mean that the next purchase or sale isn’t going to be great. Above all else, enjoy the process!

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