4 Awesome Ways Campus Students Can Make Quick Money Online While Having Fun

I know how hard it can be juggling campus life, your studies and trying to get some extra money to enjoy life as a student, but it can be done.

What’s even more fantastic is that it can be done while still studying and having fun at the same time.

There are activities students can do now and earn money while having fun. Some of them are the same activities you already do anyhow, but this time you can make money from the process.

This article shows you some of these really cool activities you can do, as a student, to make extra money on the side.

Make Money Online Listening to New or Old Music

Are you a serious music lover? Do you like the idea of listening to music from aspiring musicians and artists for money?

If so, then a site you might want to take a look at is SlicethePie. It helps you make money just listening to music.

You listen to music for the fun of it, enjoy it and still get paid by this and other similar companies.

All you have to do in order to really get things going with this site is build up your credibility enough to get bigger and better gigs.

You won’t make much using this site, but once you’re getting steady enough assignments the total amount you can make per month can purchase a few lunches at your favorite restaurants or even buy you some fun things as a student.

Make Money Taking and Selling Pictures Online

If you love taking pictures, you can turn that into a money-making venture.

And you don’t even need a professional digital camera because of how good most smartphone cameras are these days.

You can simply take pictures as a hobby and can sell them online.

You can also sell pictures of your feet if you are over 18 years old.

Yes, there are students selling their feet pictures online and getting paid a lot doing so.

No, it doesn’t even have anything to do with nudity. You can read all about it on this article.

As the name of the website implies, cash can be made just selling feet pictures, without displaying any nudity or talking to anyone online.

It can all be done from the comfort of your campus and without having to physically meet with anyone.

Make Money Selling Course Books You Have or Can Get Your Hands on

I sold course books a while back and was able to make a nice amount of money for them. The market has changed and now there are a whole lot of competitors in the game, but it can still make you easy money as a student.

What you now have to do is focus on opportunities for arbitrage. Can you find a book in one market and then sell it in another for a healthy profit?

This can be done, but you have to focus on the long sale side and not the quick sale.

This means not selling it to someone who buys course books but selling it on a market such as eBay or Amazon for the full price you could get for it.

This can work if you’re willing to work it.

Make Money with Video Games and Movie Arbitrage

The market for getting paid to play video games is so large that it might as well be a gold market.

But apart from that, even though you have content sites such as Hulu and Netflix, there’s still a huge market for good old fashioned DVDs.

You’ll find that the prices of DVDs are very low depending on what market you’re looking in. If you know how to do this right though, then you can make a nice amount of money buying and reselling in other markets.

Video games and DVDs are the perfect items to flip because if done right there’s always someone willing to take it off your hands.

The key to success here is to never spend too much on the item.

In order to know what the right amount is to spend, you’ll need to research the item as well as the market/s you intend to resell in.

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