10 Tips for Negotiating With Debt Collectors

Negotiating can be one of the most natural ways to get yourself out of anything. One particular situation that you can negotiate yourself out of is from debt collectors. Most people find themselves behind schedule, and they are unable to pay their debts.

Any credit companies typically send debt collectors to try and collect the debt from you. Below are ten must-have tips that you can use to negotiate even with dental debt collection agencies.

1. Know About Debt Collectors

The goal of debt collectors is to recover the loan and get as much money as possible on top. In many states, debt collectors are allowed by law to add a fee on top of the loan.

They are not allowed to seize properties unless they have a court order. Understanding the terms will put you in a better position to ensure they do not exploit you.

2. Understands Your Rights

You need to understand all the rights that you are entitled to. Debt collectors are limited in the way they are supposed to handle you. For instance, they are not allowed to use threatening language or call you at weird hours.

Understanding your rights when dealing with the collectors will give you an added advantage since they can’t take advantage of you.

3. Ensure It Is Your Debt

Debt collectors can sometimes send you bogus debt or those that were paid a long time ago. Don’t trust just any collectors that call you, demand for a validation notice.

Go through the report noting down the amount and the entity to which you owe. If you verify the proof, you can then proceed to negotiate.

4. Have Leverage

If you have some leverage, you are more likely to get the debt collectors to accept payment in small installments. One technique that you can use is being comfortable with a lawsuit if you have higher chances of winning.

Also, if the debt is enforced after the legal payment period, you may have better chances of winning a lawsuit.

5. Have A Payment Plan

One way that you can easily convince debt collectors is to have a debt settlement plan. Consider the amount that you can pay and use it as a payment plan.

You can decide whether to pay using installments or to pay using one lump sum. Make sure you are at a position where you are able to pay the amount you commit because debt collectors will only give you a small payment window.

6. Prepare for A Counteroffer

The collectors will mostly counter the offer you provide by stating a more substantial amount. Debt collectors aim to get as much as they can, so it is crucial to start your proposal from a little amount.

Settle on the amount you are comfortable paying or something less.

7. Stick to Your Story

The debt collector can use the information you give them against you when collecting the loan. Have a well-planned story to avoid giving them extra unnecessary information.

Don’t discuss other financial obligations with them but instead focus on your offer. The negotiating process may take a while, and you may talk to several agents. You need to be consistent with the story you are giving to all the agents.

8. Get A Written Agreement

If you agree on a precise payment plan that you are comfortable with, request for the agreement in writing. Don’t rush to make any payment before you receive the written contract.

The copy will act as future proof. If you decide to pay the debt with one lump sum, ensure that you keep the proof of payment.

9. Avoid Drama

Sometimes the debt collectors may get personal, threaten you, or use profane language to harass you. No matter how the conversation goes, ensure that you remain calm since you can negotiate better when you are relaxed.

If the collectors irritate you and you get angry, just ask to speak to them at a later time and hang up. You can mention that you are recording the call if you want them to behave while talking to you.

10. Understand The Effect of the Payment

Late payment is better than no payment at all. After you make your payment, convince the creditors to remove the late payments to avoid being sued in the future.

As soon as you start repaying your debt, you begin to rebuild your credit score, which may improve with time.

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