UCA Goes Abroad

UCA will take students to six different countries this summer for a study abroad program.

In Florence and Paris, UCA students will be studying psychology. This program takes place throughout the month of June and provides students with an opportunity to earn up to six hours of psychology credit while visiting sights in Florence, Italy and Paris, France.

There will also be a Spanish language immersion program that will take place in San Jose, at the Costa Rican Language Academy. UCA World Language professor Dr. Jaime Zambrano is preparing students to take Spanish language and culture classes while earning six hours of Spanish credit.

There will also be three trips to China this summer. One is a study abroad for physical therapy and will take place during the May intercession, where students will have the opportunity to travel to China for ten days to visit hospitals and learn about healthcare there.

The other program is the College Student Personnel Administration in China. This program will take UCA graduate students from the College of Education to China to learn more about Chinese culture throughout Beijing and visit student service offices at UCA’s partner school, Qingdao University.

Sophomore and international student from Myanmar, Kay Zin Thwe will be attending the Chinese language immersion program that takes place at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.

“After applying for the program, I realize that it’s not really an easy task for an international student to study abroad,” Zin Thwe said.

“Although I am Asian, I want to experience Shanghai’s culture and experience their way of doing things. Most international students don’t really do the study abroad thing once they are in the U.S. but I always wonder what kind of experience I would get by studying abroad in Asia,” Zin Thwe said.

For more information on the study abroad programs for Summer 2014 visit uca.edu/studyabroad.


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