The English Channel: Spontaneity

The sunset is so much prettier in the western half of England.

This issue of The English Channel is from March 26. It has been delayed due to Spring Break.

In this weeks edition of The English Channel… Peyton travels 12 hours to London and back for a party …eats McDonald’s for the first time overseas …does not sleep ever …drives cross country for fish and chips and ….

…finally cracks her iPhone screen!

It was an eventful week to say the least!

Let’s get down to business.

Last Friday, I had the chance to go to a party in Brixton, a London suburb, to listen to a few psytrance disc jockeys.

My Australian friend Eby loves to listen and dance to psytrance when she is running around the bush. She calls the people who listen to psy “doofers” and the festivals where they all gather “bush doofs.”

Since we were in a city and not the Australian bush, the party we attended was a club doof.

Here is my little “doofer” family! We met a nice Londoner on the bus who took our picture in the bus station. From left to right: Me, Jesus, Sammy, Eby and Phil.


I know it’s a lot of jargon, but hang with me.

So… We go to the doof.

Culture shock.

Eby decorated our faces in the typical bush-doofer fashion of glitter and bindis, but the club doofers were decked out in black leather jackets and dark eyeliner.

No matter! By the end of the night, Club 414 became a little doofer family.

I learned how to dance in the doofer style — with your knees — and did not stop dancing until 6:45 a.m.

After all that dancing, my friends and I ventured to a McDonald’s to wait for a taxi.

If you are ever in Brixton and you decide to have a McDonald’s breakfast… you should probably change your mind.

Worst hash browns of my life. No amount of ketchup could save them. They tasted like napkins.

The taxi man picked us up and took us to our bus. The bus ride home wasn’t bad since we all slept like rocks.

Then, to end the party marathon, Tom and his friend Dan drove us home from the Newcastle bus station.

Tom and his friends came by my flat later that night and played beer pong with our odd collection of coffee mugs.

The next day I went to the Lake District with Tom, his younger brother and Adam West — such a wonderful drive.

Neill Moore was one of the DJs that played at Club 414. He has been producing music since his uni days back in 2006. He was amazing!

I felt like we were driving through the weather channel. Sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, wind and sunshine again made for an exciting cross-country adventure.

The Lake District is a beautiful place. We got there around 4 p.m. and got ourselves some food and then hopped back in the car to come home.

The Sunday sunset was a beautiful end to my weekend full of spontaneous adventures.

It is going to suck when I have to leave all these wonderful people I’ve met.

On the positive side, everyone I’ve grown to love has a wandering soul just like me, and I’m sure we’ll wander back into each other’s lives again before we can help it.

Before I get sentimental about my new friends, I best change the subject.

I dropped my iPhone while running down the sidewalk in Newcastle last night.

It’s shattered.

I can hear my mom asking, “Why didn’t you have a case on it?”  I’m making the full transition to my little brick phone today.

The O2 phone store is right next to my favorite Starbucks, and I have a coupon for a free caramel macchiato.

Life is good.

I am thankful that I have grown to understand the meaning of “enjoy the moment.” Bad things are going to happen in life, but every moment you allow yourself to enjoy makes for a brighter future and a more satisfying past.

PS. I applied to be a pedagogical associate for Honors Core I: “The Search for Self,” next semester, and I got the position!

Cheers and beers,

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