The English Channel: Magical Mystery Tour


Studying seems to be getting harder and harder. I don’t want to sit inside and read a book for class. I don’t want to write papers in strange formats with extra U’s thrown in for flavour.

I want to explore. And at the start of each day, as I bandage up my blistered toes and pick an outfit from my suitcase, all I want is to drown myself in the English culture more and more.

Immersion is exciting.

Celsius is starting to make sense. A high of 15 in Liverpool this past weekend was nothing short of glorious and then Manchester at 16… I actually took off my jacket!

Since the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean touched my paled skin, I haven’t been able to wear any shoes other than Chacos.

(I was getting worried I’d packed them for nothing! We have been using them as the community doorstop for a few weeks now.)

By far, the biggest development this week happened while I was in Manchester.

I got caught up in the middle of a fracking protest. It was inspirational to say the least.

(Similar to the Keystone pipeline protest in DC earlier this month.)

Luckily I had my camera at the ready. I was surrounded by the peaceful protesters in a manner of seconds.


V for Vendetta masks were sprinkled throughout the march that was lead by a happy man singing with a guitar.

The march sang, “We are the 99 percent,” as they collided with a crowd that had already collected in a green space. The mezcla of people had numbers upwards of 1,000.

For a little extra insight on the march, check out The Manchester Evening News.

Before the excitement of Manchester, I adventured around Liverpool with my friend Tom.

The day fell together perfectly. We went up to the top of an outrageous radio tower for a panoramic view of the city, stumbled into the most library-like library I’ve ever seen, listened to a three-man band cover Norwegian Wood in The Cavern Club – where The Beatles got their start – and ended the night with an Irish crew in a pub called Shenanigans.

There was not a spare second for studying during all the adventuring, so now I sit in my room, reminiscing at the perfection of this last week and kicking myself for allowing the next two days to become so stressful.

The next round of assessments are due by 6 p.m. Friday; wish me luck.

Cheers and beers,


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