Police Reports: February 8-15

The following information was taken from incident reports filed by officers at UCAPD. The reports are made available by university police after they are approved by a supervisor. That process takes a few days, which delays our report.

Feb 9

  • Nonresident Darius Mccray 19, reported a harassment report to the UCAPD.  Mccray, an Aramark employee, told officers four men accused him and his friend of stealing a bag of marijuana at a house party in Maumelle.  Mccray has been receiving text messages from unknown numbers stating they want the marijuana back or one hundred dollars. According to the texts, the senders know Mccray works at UCA, where his aunt lives and that the people who took the marijuana would get what’s coming to them. A number called the Aramark office asking if Mccray was at work that day and what time he got off. UCAPD was not able to get a response from the caller.

Feb 10

  • Student Skyler Wright, 21, was arrested for public intoxication in front of Burdick Business Administration building.  UCAPD noticed smoke emanating from Wright’s vehicle and stopped to offer assistance.  Officers noticed Wright’s response to them was unintelligible and that his speech was extremely slurred.  At the time, officers were not able to smell any intoxicants and had to show Wright how to pop the hood of his vehicle.  A portable breath test was administered, giving a result of 0.282.  Wright was placed under arrest and his vehicle was towed.

Feb 11

  • Nonresident David Perry 24, was pulled over for running a stop sign and loud noise.  UCAPD asked Perry for his name and birthday, which he replied with “Terry Perry”.  When officers ran Perry’s information, nothing came up and suspected him of lying.  UCAPD obtained Perry’s real information and placed him under arrest for obstructing governmental operations.  It was discovered he had a felony and two misdemeanor warrants out of Missouri.  Officers advised Perry of his warrants and that Missouri was coming to get him.  Perry became upset when officers advised him that his brother’s vehicle would be towed.  “Fuck you, shut the door,” Perry told the officers. As UCAPD tried to shut the door, Perry pointed his toe forward, bouncing the door back.  When the door was shut, Perry kicked the door and officers places a leg cuff on him.  He was put on a no bond hold for Missouri.

Feb 12

  • Students Jackson Lowery, 19; Austin Berry, 20, and Earl Wiles, 19, and nonstudent Edilberto Del Cid Barroso,19, were pulled over at traffic stop south of Bear Hall.  UCAPD smelled intoxicants and issued J-Board citations for having alcohol as a minor.  The driver of the vehicle, Hailey Thomas,19, had no indication of having drank any alcohol was given a written warning for driving with no headlights on.  After returning to the UCA Police Department to complete the report, officers discovered Del Cid Barroso had previously been banned from campus.  He was given an opportunity to voluntarily go to the police station to receive a citation for criminal trespass, which he did, and was escorted off campus.

Feb 13

  • Student Ryan Perkins, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation after a Resident Advisor saw empty liquor bottles and two containing liquid on Perkins’ desk.  UCAPD said Perkins was very cooperative, forthcoming and voluntarily. A half-bottle  of Black Velvet Liquor and a fourth-bottle of Fireball whiskey was destroyed.


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