Police Reports: February 3-7

The following information was taken from incident reports filed by officers at UCAPD. The reports are made available by university police after they are approved by a supervisor. That process takes a few days, which delays our report.



Feb. 3

  • Nonstudent Gregory Spicer, 18, of Little Rock was issued a ban from campus at 3:30 p.m.for having a BB gun and marijuana residue inside his vehicle after officers stopped him for a seatbelt violation. Officers asked Spicer and his passenger to step out of the vehicle upon smelling marijuana coming from inside. Spicer told UCAPD there was nothing illegal inside and that they were free to search him. Officers found a black BB gun that looked like a semi-automatic pistol in the front passenger door, later discovering a plastic box with marijuana residue inside it under the seat.

Feb. 5

  • Five students were cited for smoking marijuana inside Denney Hall 311. As officers approached the room around 11 p.m., they could smell marijuana emanating from the dorm room. The residents opened the door, making the odor overwhelming. Students Eric Wilson, 18; Vallejo Lee, 18; Kalen Hutchinson, 19; Malik Scott, 18, and Kriston Keaton, 18, all consented to a search, but officers did not find anything on their person. A pipe was later found and confiscated by UCAPD. Each student was issued a J-Board violation.

Feb. 6

  • Student Jacob Bakalekos, 22, was stopped and cited for driving with expired tags and a suspended license around 6 p.m. after officers noticed his vehicle still had tags from October 2014. Bakalekos told UCAPD his mother was working to renew his tags. Officers obtained the student’s drivers license and insurance card, but Bakalekos was unable to give registration. Officers were dispatched about a warrant out for Bakalekos from Conway PD and were told his license had expired. The student’s personal belongings were taken from the vehicle so it could be moved. Bakalekos was compliant and respectful, telling officers that he thought his mother had paid the ticket for him and that he was unaware of the warrant. He was later taken to Faulkner County Unit II for processing.


  • Nonstudent Kenneth Brown, 31, of Little Rock was arrested and taken to Faulkner County Unit II after UCAPD was notified of two warrants out for him — one from Conway PD and one from Sherwood PD. Officers noticed Brown driving erratically around 10 p.m. near the intersection of Donaghey Avenue and LA Niven. Brown immediately placed both hands outside of the driver’s window. As officers approached the car, Brown began crying. “Honestly sir, I don’t have a license,” Brown told the officers when they asked to see it. “I have a warrant on me.” Brown said the vehicle belonged to his boss and that he was borrowing it, correctly naming both people listed on the vehicle registration and bill of sale. The warrants issued for Brown were for his failure to appear on various charges.

Feb. 7

  • Nonstudent Jonathon Bryant, 19, of Studio City, California, was arrested and transported to Faulkner County Unit II around 1 a.m. after officers found 0.32 ounces of marijuana, a scale and two Xanax bars inside the vehicle he was inside. UCAPD was watching approximately 50-70 vehicles convene in the parking lot of the Kum & Go station on Dave Ward Drive and Donaghey Avenues when a black Chevrolet Impala blocked the flow of traffic. Officers were trying to get the vehicle Bryant was in to move, but soon smelled marijuana coming from the car. Shining a light into the back seat, officers could see someone rolling a blunt. The driver of the car slid his hand down the side of his seat and began moving around. Officers ordered him to put his hands up repeatedly, gaining compliance on the third order. The driver was identified as nonstudent Terrence Phillips, 19, of Conway. Nonstudents Trayvon Pickney, 19, of Bryant and Isaac Tatum, 20, of Little Rock were also identified. UCAPD began to arrest Phillips when Bryant admitted all the marijuana in the car was his. Phillips was not arrested. The two Xanax bars and scale were confiscated, photographed and destroyed. UCAPD spoke to Phillips, Pickney and Tatum about not obeying a lawful command from an officer, that hiding their hands was a scary situation for everyone involved.



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