Patio Café Focuses on Local, Homemade Food

The Patio Café, owned and operated by Debby and Lisa Andrews since November 2013, focuses on using local ingredients and homemade food to make their restaurant stand out from the crowd.

The café gets it’s name from the massive patio that surrounds it. The owners provide games, books and coloring for those waiting, though there is also live music on Saturday and Sunday. 

During the summer, they share a parking lot with the Downtown Conway Farmers’ and Crafts Market, which is where they get several of their fresh ingredients.

Manager Lisa Andrews said most food from the café is made from scratch. They mill most of the grains in their multigrain pancake mix, make all of their breads and never use frozen meats.

“You’re treating yourself when you go out to eat, and that’s how we want you to feel,” Andrews said.

The café serves both breakfast and lunch, but breakfast is the main focus.

Andrews said customers come from all around Arkansas to eat their eggs Benedict.

There is also a coffee of the day, and during the summer they serve a frosty mocha latte.

The Patio Café also has an indoor seating option. Inside, there are several decorations, which have a stylistic placing among the walls and baseboards.

The walls are also decorated with merchandise owner Debby Andrews makes. They sell everything from hats, scarves, bracelets, headbands and bags.

The café is located on 1156 Front St. and is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday.

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