Nick Offerman Entertains Many, Offends Others

Nick Offerman, award-winning comedic actor, writer and carpenter visited UCA on Thursday as part of his “American Ham” tour.

Offerman shared his “Ten Tips for a Prosperous Life” to a sold-out audience at Reynolds Performance Hall.

Not all attendees stayed for the entire show, however, with as many as forty walking out early.

Offerman’s ten tips, which included finding a loving relationship, obtaining a discipline (the word “hobby” just doesn’t sound right in Offerman’s vocabulary,) carrying a handkerchief, and maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ — provided that it gets you laid.

Offerman’s bit was controversial to religious folks, and anyone uncomfortable hearing details about Offerman’s very healthy sex-life with wife, actress Megan Mullally.

However, Offerman’s visit was highly anticipated and fans of Ron Swanson, whom Offerman portrays on NBC’s hit show “Parks and Recreation,” left the performance hall, in which one could almost smell the sawdust and bacon, heartily chuckling.

You can check out the videos below for an interview with Offerman and a brief glance at what his show held.

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