“Lumina” Launch Party

Dead day is meant to be a day where students focus on studying for finals, but why not procrastinate and have fun instead?

Undergraduate thesis film “Lumina” is having its launch party at 7 p.m. tomorrow at The Locals in downtown Conway. Admission is $1 and will be charged at the door.

The Locals is located at 1024 Van Ronkle street.

The creators of Lumina call it a ‘dark fantasy film.’ The plot begins in ancient times with a king wielding immense power. But the king’s lust for power becomes too great, and the world grows rife with war and darkness, leaving it up to two children to save the kingdom.

“We are having this event to help promote and publicize the film’s production,” writer and director Michael Tatum said. “But most importantly we are doing this to immerse the general public into the world of our film, and we hope they will come out and support us.”

There will be several door prizes at the party, including a “Lumina” poster, a name cameo in the film and a “Lumina Edition” Bath and Body Works gift product set.

Those at the party will have the chance to interact with actors dressed as characters from the film. There will also be live musical performances from musicians on the soundtrack and an inside peek at the film’s concept artwork from the UCA Art Department.

There will be a question-and-answer session with Tatum and producer Dewey Farmer, among other crew members, as well as a video that gives a more in-depth look into the film.

You can keep up with the film on Facebook by searching for its name or by following Lumina_The Film on Twitter and Instagram.

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