Locals Explore Different Cultures at LANTERNS! 2016

Wildwood Park for the Arts kicked off its yearly lantern festival in Little Rock this past weekend.

The event allowed guests to explore the cultures of Australia, Brazil, China, Greece, The UK and Hawaii.

A variety of food, drink, activities and entertainment was provided throughout the Lucy Lockett Cabe Festival Theatre and the Butler Arboretum.

In order to purchase food and drinks around the park guests had to trade their cash or credit information for “WildBucks,” which was the only form of payment for the festival. One dollar is equivalent to one WildBuck.

At the Australian destination a bug exhibit was displayed that allowed guests to participate in eating larvets, also known as a worm snack.

The park ground was covered with beautiful lanterns guiding guests to each destination.

In the middle of the park, a large circular lantern floated above Swan Lake to appear as a full moon.

It was a very family-friendly environment.

Maddy Frazior said that it was her first time working the event. Frazior said she loves talking to all of the little kids who come because they are so excited.

Stilt walkers entertained families while strolling all over the park.

One stilt walker, Sammi Macchi, said her favorite part about the event is the diversity and how big and beautiful the park looks.

According to the Wildwood Park website, all funds from the festival go toward the mission of Wildwood Park for the Arts, a non-profit organization.

image via wildwoodpark.org

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