Local Business Feature: Las Delicias

With the authentic Hispanic desserts and dishes served at Las Delicias, Conway families and UCA students do not have to travel far to find a haven of true Hispanic culture.

The ice cream and cravings shop delivers dozens of sweet drinks, ice cream flavors, popsicles and even authentic Hispanic snacks.

Their treats are on the inexpensive side, appealing to the budget savvy college student with prices ranging from $2 to $10.

With their wide range of unique sweets and the comforting flavors of home, there is always something new to explore at Las Delicias.

Las Delicias’ most sought after sweet treat is the Mangonada, a Mexican fruit drink made with mango sorbet, mango chunks, chamoy sauce and a healthy dash of chili powder.

As far as typical ice cream goes, Las Delicias’ sweet corn flavor is among the top five most popular flavors.

“Everything [on the menu is]unique and different. You can’t go to every store and find it,” employee Marco Yanez said.

Las Delicias opened their first location in September 2016 off of Old Morrilton Highway. Their second location in downtown Conway opened its doors to the public Aug. 16.

“We’re hoping to be a distribution where you could find [Las Delicias] in your local gas station or grocery store,” owner Francisco Yanez said.

The business also contributes to the Conway community by supporting nearby charities.

“We do a lot of charity work. We donate a lot of our popsicles to [charities],” Yanez said. “Right now I just came back from Share The Love [Kids Club] and we did donate some of our popsicles to them. We also do a lot of events which helps the community out a lot.”

Through Las Delicias’ events and growing status they have introduced more cultural diversity to Conway.

Upon walking into Las Delicias, all somber thoughts dissipate at the sight of the whimsical pastel decor. From the colorful paint on the walls to the delectable ice cream, a visit to the Hispanic sweet shop is enough to brighten your day.

Yanez said customers continuously come back to Las Delicias for the delicious Hispanic treats and the friendly staff.

“We’re always smiling and we’re always happy to see you, especially if you’re a regular. Then we spend hours and hours talking to that person as if they were a family member,” Yanez said. “That’s what we like to do here. We don’t treat you like a customer, we treat you like family.”

Photo from the Las Delicias Facebook page.

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