James Richman: Why this Tenacious Self-made Billionaire is Hell-Bent on Investing in Artificial Technology

James Richman, the seemingly Nostradamus of the financial world, is rumored to foresee artificial intelligence being the next big thing. The impact of the said modern technology has already crept into every imaginable sector today.

Personal computers, local area networks, wide area networks, the internet, wireless and mobile, they all have impacted every imaginable sector. However, artificial intelligence is bound to dwarf all of them.

Artificial intelligence is the latest advantage any company may use to maximize its production. When AI is applied, a wide range of tangibles and intangibles may be improved. Companies using AI would definitely have a competitive advantage as to those without.

These intricacies are already recognized by the Latvian-born private investor. The billionaire sees this pattern as AI becoming the hottest commodity at an industrial level. This would prove huge as AI providers are bound to grow in size and flourish as competition between companies in all sectors continue.

Current AI applications

AI has already been deployed in a vast spectrum of technology. It is very likely that you have already been using it through your downloaded applications. Voice-controlled assistants are AI reliant. Such platforms come in the form of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. That should ring a bell.

Have you ever wondered how Facebook manages to translate posts into different languages in real-time? AI processes these posts and matches them to the language in any given area. Another is Airbnb’s more personalized search engine results. This makes looking for somewhere to stay a lot more convenient.

These AI technologies  are not just talk the talk. With the way the aforementioned companies are dominating their respective sectors, AI definitely walks the walk. These companies are thriving because of AI

James Richman, who has successfully managed his private fund, JJ Richman, for more than a decade, is fond of investing in disruptive technologies and sees artificial intelligence transforming from a cherry on top to the sundae itself.

Artificial intelligence — the naturally intelligent choice

James Richman has already figured out how impactful AI will become. It is only a matter of time before AI becomes a top commodity.

Soon, new companies would see it as a requisite in order to profit, while older companies may see it as a means to cope and survive. Either way, having your money invested in artificial intelligence providers will prove to be the naturally intelligent choice for now.

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