Faux News: Conway senior behind Yik Yak, Greek hate

Vera Maude, 83 of Conway has been revealed to be the individual responsible for posting a large sum of vicious and accusatory posts against UCA students on the new social media application, Yik Yak.

The culprit behind many anonymous posts on the new social media application Yik Yak concerning UCA students–specifically Greek students–has finally been brought to light.

Meet Vera Maude, 83, of Conway.

Maude, a retired UCA secretary who worked in the President’s office for nearly 45 years, was revealed Wednesday to be the individual responsible for posting hateful, anonymous messages to the Yik Yak chat board.

“I’ve loathed [Greeks] ever since I came to college back in 1950,” Maude said. “They’re a loathsome group of degenerates and I’m appalled that they’ve lasted this long, let alone expanded.”

While Maude admits to despising Greek organizations as a whole, Sigma Phi Epsilon specifically sits at the top of her ‘hit list’.

Since Yik Yak hit the campus community mid-March of this year, Sig Ep members and their organization have taken on a plethora of verbal beatings at the hands of this senior citizen.

I attempted to locate a few posts dedicated to Sig Ep to display in this story, but all include vulgar and/or graphic slurs and allegations against the chapter and its members.

“I know you can’t understand at your age, but when you get to be like me, you start to get pretty bored with life,” Maude said, innocently unwrapping her fourth menthol drop. “My husband, the person I used to berate with insults on a daily basis, died years ago and I was worried that I might never find that kind of outlet again. And then one day I was thinking to myself, ‘Hey, Sig Eps are p—-ies. They’d be pretty fun to mess with.’”

Maude–being the evil, manipulative genius that she is and prides herself in being–even went to great links to disguise her new hobby.

A handful of posts made in the past few weeks seemed to be made by individuals who forgot to turn the GPS on their phone off, thereby creating a map of their exact location when the post was made. Some locations were UCA fraternity houses, leading some to believe rival Greek members were behind the vile messages but new information has proven that is not the case.

Maude admitted late Wednesday to getting in her power scooter on several occasions and speeding down to the Phi Sigma Kappa house and posting from their location.

“I got out of the house for once and I got to s— on Sig Ep,” Maude said. “Everyone wins!”


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