Faculty and Staff Feature: Gizachew Tiruneh

Associate Professor of Political Science Gizachew Tiruneh immigrated to America from Ethiopia.

Tiruneh has written also written two books. Along with being a published author, he has written articles for publications such as the International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Journal of Political Science Education, Social Science Journal, and Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies.

Tiruneh has his doctorate in Political Science from Binghamton University, an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Baruch College, a BBA in Finance and Investments from Baruch College, and an associates in
Science/Mathematics from Bronx Community College.

Tiruneh is also a regular in politicaly-oriented conferences. The most recent one he attended was “What Determines the Political Orientation of College Students? A Comparative Study of Two Universities” hosted in San Juan, Puerto Rico by T. Price Dooley and Joseph Y. Howard.

Despite his seemingly over-filled schedule, Tiruneh has aptly juggled university services such as Chair of the College of Liberal Arts Research Committee, and has been a member of the University Research Council.

If all of this was not enough, Tiruneh still manages to achieve accomplishments. Recently, Tiruneh was recognized by the Crown Council of Ethiopia for his outstanding scholarship of Africa and for one of his books.

The Ethiopian Princess, formally known as His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, held a special dinner to commemorate the event on March 3, in Washington D.C.

Tiruneh also currently serves as a member on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Contemporary African Studies, an is a member of both the Southern Political Science Association and the Arkansas Political Science Association. Tiruneh even runs his own website.

As if everything he is doing is not keeping hims busy enough, he also takes passion to to several hobbies such as golfing, walking and playing his Kirar, a guitar-like Ethiopian instrument.

He is also interested in Astronomy.

Tiruneh has been teaching at UCA as an Associate Professor since August of 2013 and has taught as an assistant professor at UCA once before from August of 2005 to July of 2013.

Before that he lectured at the University of Vermont, begame an assistant professor at the University of Georgia, and was a Teaching and Research Assistant at Binghamton University.

No criminal charges to be filed against former university student

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