Ace Hood “Rocks” the Yard

Rapper Ace Hood performed at Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual Rock the Yard concert on Saturday Aug. 29 in the Farris Center.

Hood, who is most famous for the 2013 single ‘Bugatti,’ gave fans a taste of his upcoming album ‘Beast of the South’ and rapped some older hits.

DJs Jared Holt and Doug Kramer opened for Hood. Holt played a mix of old and new music designed to get students to dance, such as ‘Skurt Reynolds’ by HeRobust and a remix of ‘Everybody’ by the Backstreet Boys. Kramer played well-known hits, such as ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea and ‘Get Low’ by Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz.

Junior Jamie-Lynn Gills said she went to Rock the Yard to support her friends, who are members of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

“I saw DJ Kramer and Ace Hood. Kramer was my favorite because he played songs I’m familiar with,” Gills said.

In between the two openers, sororities Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Phi Lambda, and Alpha Sigma Tau competed in the Rock the Yard Stroll Off. Sigma Kappa won the competition.

Junior Sarah Hocott, a member of Sigma Phi Lambda, said she went to Rock the Yard because she enjoyed it last year, but she left the event early on Saturday.

“It was fun to sit and cheer for everyone and not just my sorority,” she said, “I left before any other acts, but I wasn’t too upset because I’m not a huge fan of rap anyway.”

Junior Reese Shaffer photographed the event.

“My favorite part of the night was when [Hood] had everyone in the crowd pull out their phones and he performed the new song ‘I Know How It Feel’ featuring Ty Dolla Sign,” he said. “I had a blast seeing Ace Hood perform, it’s been years since I have been to one of his concerts. I was blown away during his performance, he leaves it all out there on stage when he performs.”

Shaffer said the only problem with the event was the amount of smoke from the fog machines, which affected photography and videography. The smoke also set off fire alarms in the Farris Center, but the concert was not interrupted because the alarms were silent.

Senior Corey Parks, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said Rock the Yard requires a lot of planning.

“Organizing an event like Rock the Yard takes a lot of planning on the front end. If you plan properly then it makes it a lot easier. Working with the artist’s agent, UCA Staff and SGA are the biggest parts,” he said.

Parks said this year’s proceeds from Rock the Yard will be donated to a UCA scholarship fund.

“After conversations this summer the decision was made to make a direct impact on campus. In the past we have donated to organizations in the community,” Parks said. “However, this year we felt what better way to make a difference than to help UCA students pay for their college degree.”

photo by Calli Morrison

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