A New Sound in Arkansas

Musical engineer and producer, Gunz, along with local artist YungWood (10x) sat down with us for an interview over the progression of music in Arkansas and how the future of music may be very bright in the coming years.

Gunz came originally from Texas to the Little Rock area to produce music with the goal of creating a major vocal artist for Arkansas, which is the only remaining state in the south without one. 

“I moved from Texas to start Roc Town Music Group (RTMG) with some people here. I really think Arkansas may see a major recording artist come out of it in the next year,” said Gunz.

Gunz predicts that in the next year or two, Arkansas will likely see a recording artist get a multi-million dollar contract.

Gunz finds most of his inspiration through new music, videos, and TV shows, although he said that listening to music when he gets home is hard for him because he, “over-analyzes the structure of the beats by constantly breaking them down.” Recently, he has been working with Starlito (Tennessee), YungWood (10x), Lil Pooh (Texas), and of course with Young Freq of  RTMG. Gunz hinted that there are new videos and singles being produced by these artists.

Gunz has brought a number of opportunities to Arkansas with his steady grind into producing and making beats, and as such he is providing substantial support to local artists looking for a place to project their talent to the world.

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