Zombies Aren’t the Slowest Part of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six

The newest chapter of the record-breaking TV drama The Walking Dead proves each season will require fans to possess an appetite that would make a zombie jealous. This cult-hit show wastes no time making followers fall in love with its addicting conflicts.

The first episode of the new season, ‘First Time Again,’ begins with the threat of zombie hordes bearing down upon your favorite hero, Rick Grimes, as he organizes the chaos in the new community of Alexandria. As in previous seasons, the polarity of each conflict creates a mindless addiction in viewers that draws new fans each episode.

This season premiere was slower than expected. This may be due to the mixed-story plot that switched between flashes of the end and beginning of the episode. Director Greg Nicotero chose to make a separate story structure for the premiere, which made it episodic within the flow of the first episode itself. It shows the last portions of the episode at the beginning and the rest follows a slow explanation of events flashing in and out of the present.

Some of this may be hard to follow because of how time-consuming the episode feels to viewers. Allow yourself to peek into the mind of a director and find the reward in doing this to allow new viewers to find something to connect to at an easy pace. This approach is what made a show that has lasted for five years feel like a new adventure.

The rest of the season must involve mind-bending numbers of zombies if the show follows the pace it has set itself. Season six has potential for those who think the show is just hype.

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