Twisted Taco Leaves Much to be Desired

Twisted Taco, Donaghey Hall’s latest addition, is equivalent to a taco/nacho bar found in a common cafeteria.

Similar to Mosaique Bistro — previously located in the same building as Twisted Taco — I foolishly fell into the hype of having an on-campus restaurant serving alcohol, but all the overpriced “hand-crafted margaritas” Twisted Taco has to offer can’t bring me back.

I got the grilled chicken nachos, and they left me feeling full in more of an “I feel like puking” way, rather than a satisfactory way.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is cold and dim. My nachos were flimsy tortilla chips topped with too much lettuce, too little pico de gallo, chicken, jalapenos, white queso, sour cream and an ice cream scoop of guacamole.

Out of all this, the queso wasn’t bad — granted it is extremely hard to mess up queso — but I felt like I needed a spoon for this meal, since I was essentially eating a bowl-o-nacho toppings with my bare hands with a few, already soggy, chips at the bottom.

I have a special place for Tex Mex food in my heart — it just really resonates with my body — and this food was definitely not disgusting, but why would I pay $10 for mediocre nachos at Twisted Taco when I could go pay a little less for better quality at Tacos 4 Life, or pay a lot less for deliciousness at Taco Bell?

And yes, UCA students can pay using BearBucks at Twisted Taco, but that is still a form of my own money, and it doesn’t make the experience any more worth it.

Aside from the queso, another pro of my experience at Twisted Taco was the accommodating employees. The service was undeniably pleasant.

This is the first Twisted Taco in Arkansas, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it any more grand. We should have pushed this establishment off to Arkansas Tech University, and if UCA wanted to add a commodity, Raising Cane’s or Whataburger would have much more success. Even filling the vacancy in Donaghey Hall with Conway’s third Taco Bell would have been a better use of time and money.

I predict Twisted Taco will fall under the defunct curse of Donaghey Hall within a year.

Maybe I’m wrong, but in the chance I’m not, go check out Twisted Taco, while you can, to form an opinion of your own. It’s open 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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