Top Five Most Over-done Spring Break Destinations

1. Miami Beach
It’s no wonder Miami makes number one on this list.With endless beaches, three-story stores and a shit ton of places to party, Miami seems like the perfect place to go for spring break. Once. Maybe it’s just me, but I only want to spend half of my week funneling beer out of a tunnel on a scorching hot beach surrounded by people I’ve never met. The rest of the time I want to go do something different and memorable that I’ve never done before.

2. PCB
Panama City Beach is perfect for sex, drugs and throwing Greek signs with the “sisters” and “brothers” you’ve known for a semester. There are condos lined up on the beach for a never-ending party. The beach is crowded with daily concerts and tons of strangers wanting to make friends, which sounds great until you hear that seven people were shot during a party this spring break at PCB. While the idea of a party with people from around the world sounds good, in practice, it is dirty and dangerous.

3. Colorado
OK, so say you’re not into nonstop parties and shopping all day. That’s cool. Go to Colorado. You can smoke pot and face plant into some snow for seven days straight. Granted, relaxing by a fire is tempting and a great way to spend your vacation, but if you’re klutzy like I am, a place like this can be quite dangerous. On the plus side, husky puppies are adorable and you can take as many snow selfies as deemed socially acceptable without inducing a cold.

4. Chicago
The windy city, this is a pretty perfect destination if you want to go sight seeing and explore. Though, the weather there isn’t exactly great to show off your beach body on the freshwater beaches, there is a ton to do and Chicago has its own unique flair. Chicago may not be everyone’s idea of a warm, beer-filled spring break, but it offers many unique experiences and destinations. With so many landmarks and cool places to eat and get wasted, it is hard to pass up.

5. Los Angeles
I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t take up a trip to LA. If it was paid for by someone other than yourself, of course. LA has anything a person could want in a vacation. The only complaint is the expenses there are outrageous. Traveling on a student’s budget is nearly impossible. However, if you can snag some of daddy’s money or have the self-discipline to save money, this destination is full of beaches, sight seeing and an endless list of things to do.

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