Top 5 Most Basic New Year’s Resolutions

1. Going to the gym

Almost everyone knows a person who claims that in the New Year they are going to workout more and become fit. For some, this plan may stick but for most this plan only lasts for about two weeks. People crave the thought of losing weight and having a perfect body but they do not want to do the work that it takes to achieve that goal. When the people who make these goals don’t see results within a few days they become discouraged and give up.

2. Eat healthier

Many people decide to cut junk food out of their diet with the start of the New Year, but often don’t follow through. The thought of eating more fruit and vegetables while cutting out cokes and Twinkies is really appealing, but like going to the gym, people do not follow through with it. This resolution is even more short- term because cutting out those delicious sugars and carbs is just too difficult. Many may try, but few will succeed.

3. Get more sleep

Sleep is a crowd favorite, especially among college kids. College students are starving for some Z’s, so it only makes sense for them to come up with a ridiculous resolution like this. This really isn’t even a goal worth achieving. Sleep automatically becomes second priority to cramming for finals and a social life. Humans must sleep in order to function properly; therefore, this is yet another a basic resolution.

4. Procrastinate less

Just like each of the basic New Year’s resolutions already listed, this one is especially basic. We all attempt to avoid the work that we need to do by finding useless tasks to perform, binge watching Netflix, or cleaning parts of our room that have not seen attention for over a year. This particular resolution really means that the person could not think of anything better than the simple goal of prioritizing time more efficiently.

5. Focus on myself

This basic resolution is summarized by, “I just want to love myself more and find my place in this world.” How is this even a resolution and why is it becoming a “thing”? It is most likely some type of excuse used to explain that person’s lack of friends or social life. The fact is, no one cares how many friends you have or about your social life so quit coming up with lame excuses to make yourself feel better.

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This article originally appeared in the Jan. 20, 2015 print edition of The Echo.

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