The Top Five Forms of Cheap Entertainment

1. Work 

This might not sound like entertainment at first, but stew on the idea and you might come to realize that work could be the best form of cheap entertainment. If you find work that is fun, engaging, challenging and worthwhile, you might entertain yourself into a healthy, productive lifestyle that makes you money. Consider hobbies such as crafting and cycling. People pay good money to buy crappy little hand-made trinkets. And if you cycle, you’re going to save money on gas and have a great body.

2. People 

Humans are social animals. So, it’s only natural that person-on-person interaction is one of the best forms of entertainment. Not only are people fun to watch, hear, smell, taste and touch; but they’re 100% interactive. Get some people together with their pets and some random objects and start a band, fight a dragon, play some fetch or take a walk. With other people you can explore the world, explore your minds, explore your bodies or lay around in a pile and explore the back side of your eye lids.

3. Imagination 

The cheapest and arguably most versitile form of entertainment comes in the form of a liberated imagination. Forget that people might be watching. Better yet, pretend noone’s watching. Anything is possible with the power of imagination. The downside to this option is your imagination may be atrophied from lack of use. But hope is not lost! Pull that bad boy out, shake it off and get ready to play. Imagination is a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. Plus, it’s free.

4. Random Objects 

Alongside imagination, random objects can provide an individual with endless entertainment. Random objects can even be entertaining for those with zero imagination. My brother used to chunk rocks at me for hours and never tire of the mindless enjoyment. With sufficient ground junk, I could build a fort. With a single pebble and two free hours, I could destroy said fort from 20 feet away. This form of entertainment is just as free as pretending, but steer clear of other people’s stuff.

5. Animals 

This option isn’t always cheap. But, with proper budgeting skills, pet costs are manageable. Playing with a pet isn’t just entertaining, it is good for your soul. If you choose to go the free, all natural route and you want to play with wild animals, avoid getting too close. Petting is reserved for domesticated animals. If you’re going to chase squirrels, remember that the goal isn’t to catch them. The fun is in the chase. Again, do not try to catch a squirrel. Stick to catching animals that can’t bite or sting you.

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