The Irregular At Magic High School Season 2

If you are an Anime fan, you should check out The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2. This series has been a success ever since the release of its first season. It is based on a Japanese novel series created by Tsutomu Sato. Despite the release of the novel set in October 2008, it took some time to develop the series.

The Plot

The plot of The Irregular at Magic High School starts at an alternate history in a world where magic exists. This world polishes the use of magic with the help of technology. The story follows two siblings, Miyuki and Tatsuya Shiba, who enroll in the Magic High School. While in school, these two siblings keep their connections to a secret and infamous club known as the Yotsuba Clan.


Miyuki and Tatsuya try to live a normal life while in school. However, between the two siblings, Miyuki’s magical talents become apparent, while the magic school shuns Tatsuya for his lack of ability. The plot of the first season grew with each episode making it a favorite for many people across the world.

The Characters

The main characters of the series, as per the plot, are Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba. These two siblings lost their mother at an early age, which caused their father to marry his mistress, leaving the two to fend for themselves. Luckily, one of their aunts, Maya, who is also the leader of the Yotsuba clan, takes them in to look after them. Unknown to the siblings, Tatsuya was born with magic that can reconstruct, decompose, and detonate matter.

These powers were unusual in the Yotsuba clan. They are, however, what makes him unique and different. His sister’s capabilities were as powerful as their aunts were. Enrolling at the Magic High school helped shape their personalities.

Other well-known characters in this Anime series are the Tatsuya group members. Each of these members plays a vital role in helping the siblings in developing their magic skills. Some of them are also close to the main characters and have helped develop the season plot even further. Other characters are from the school. The magic school allows us to see a different side of the siblings and their interaction with the community.

What Achievements Has This Series Achieved Over the Years?

The first achievement of the Magic High School series is the selling of the light novels. Ever since the emergence of the series, these novels became Japan’s top-selling series. In 2019, the book series was able to sell over 10 million copies.

The series also had its anime and manga adaptations appear on top-selling charts. It also had mixed English reviews, which is not a bad thing for an anime series.

Another notable achievement is the adaptation of the Irregular at Magic High School series by Netflix.

With all the notable achievements after season one, season two is well underway. Fans are eager to find out more about the release of season two.

Season 2 Release Date

After the long wait, the release date of The Irregular at Magic High School has finally been revealed. The initial release date for the second season of this Anime series was set to be July 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was pushed to October 2020.

With the long wait for the second season since its last episode in 2017, season two promises to be exciting. Here’s what will look at when discussing season two.

  • The plot
  • The cast
  • The theme

The Plot

According to the latest trailer release, the series main characters— Miyuki and Tatsuya— will meet Angelina Kudou Shields. It will also take off from where the last season left off. However, the difference between the two seasons is that you will not get to see the siblings in their second year at Magic High School.

Also, unlike the previous season, the siblings will go through more challenges, but they will have even better adventures. Some of the problems they are likely to face are enemies, and android phones infested with viruses. You will also get to experience incredible magic tricks that will entertain you the entire season.

The Cast

The second season cast will remain the same as the first season. This season will see the return of Risako Yoshida as the director. Taku Iwasaki will also be in the second season as the music composer. If you think things can’t get better than that, wait until you hear your favorite characters.

Miyuki and Tatsuya will have their voice-over done by the same people in season one. Kana Ishida will also be back to help with the character dressmaking. With the same cast locked in for the second season, you can expect to hear the sounds of the cast you have come to love.

The Theme

The second season remains the same as season one. You also get to experience more of the magic world. With every episode, you get to comprehend and listen to every effect in the season.

The season has also amplified its notions, and this gives viewers an excellent watch. With all these developments, you can expect that The Irregular at Magic High School will be the best series you will watch this year.

The best and most exciting part is the number of episodes, which is expected to be 12 or 13.

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