The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

People have waited for the release of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 for around seven years, since the Season One aired on many internet channels. Unlike most anime series, The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 1 offered unmatched humorous content and earned a good viewership.

It left fans anticipating a second season, but it feels as if they have waited for a long time. Fortunately, the creators have confirmed that there will be a release of a second season. Yes, it will be available on the internet soon.

The season 1 series is based on Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel and Oniku’s illustrations. When literary translated from the Japanese language, “Hataraku Maou-Sama!” literary means Demon Lord or Demon Working King!

The novel series, published in the year 2011, has 24 volumes, but as per the most recent updates, the writer added nine volumes to make it longer. In other words, the creators of The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season have what they need to release season two.

Satoshi Wagahara released the novel in February 2011, and White Fox adapted it into its anime shows. It hit the screens as an anime series in April 2013. The first season has thirteen episodes, which are not enough for most anime lovers.

What Season One Presented

The first season was made up of 13 episodes, and it aired in the year 2013. The anime is not only comic but also unique and ended on a very high note. Since the last episode aired, the series has gained more attention from the anime lovers, and the number of its fans has been increasing rapidly. The fans have been demanding the release of the second season too.

The series enjoyed many positive reviews due to its storyline and comedy. All its characters have unmatched personalities, and they do not exist as fillers. The series appeared in the “Top 50 Anime To Stream On Netflix” Thrillist list and the “Best 25 Animes To Watch on Netflix” in Paste Magazine. IGN included it in their “Rising Anime Studio Productions” list too. In their reviews, most people have claimed that the comedy is repetitive.

The Plot of the Devil Is a Part-Timer

The Dark Lord Satan has a plan of conquering the Ente Isla world. He intends to capture the four continents in the world with the help of Alciel, Malacoda, Lucifer, demon generals, and Adramelech. However, Emilia and her company confront him and start a fight. They defeat Adramelech and Malacoda.

Satan opens a portal in a different world and manages to escape with Alciel – the new word is contemporary Japan. Their power starts diminishing after entering the world, and they have to live as human beings. With their abilities depleting, their survival chances are low. They take up fake names, and without any working skills, Satan finds employment in McRonalds, a food chain.

As Sadao Maou, Satan meets a new girl, known as Emi Yusa. The girl is Emilia, and she chose to live as a human being because she lost her powers too. As The Devil is a Part-Timer story unfolds, the personalities and characteristics of the characters are depicted comically.

Main Characters in the First Season

  • Sadao Maou, or the devil king
  • Emi Yusa, or the main heroine
  • Shiro Ashiya, Satan’s Commander
  • Chiho Sasaki, Sadao’s mate, and a high school student
  • Hanzo Urushihara, Lucifer
  • Suzuno Kamazuki, an acquaintance of Sadao

The Original series offered 029’s illustrations and hit the airwaves in the year 2011. The creators shipped the seventeenth main volume on 10th May that year. Initially, Wagahara told fans that he could not guarantee a second season.

What Fans Expect From the Season 2

The animation company, White Fo, has not commented on the release date of the second season. However, Naoto Hosoda, the series director, has promised that season 2 is on its way.

Satoshi Wagahara, the novel author, also stated that he could not guarantee any more seasons but asked the fans to remain hopeful. People have been expecting the season to air in 2020.

The Audio Drama CD Version

Even though the creators have not announced the release date of season two, they released an audio drama CD featuring a new story from Satoshi Wagahara., “Maou, Suteneko wo Hirou.” Translated to English, the title means “The Devil Adopts a Stray Cat.”

The voice actors in The Devil Is A Part-Timer series take part in the Drama CD. The original illustrator “029” illustrated the CD cover too. To get it, you have to pay 3000 yen along with the tax. The creator released it to the market in the year 2017.


The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 may or may not air soon. Fans have been waiting for its airing for over five years. They are eagerly waiting for the release of the new season because season one was a hit.

Most fans still adore the first season, and they would be happy to pay for a season two. You can stream season one on Netflix and Crunchyroll. If you love free versions dubbed in English, you can try YouTube.

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