The Best Five Moments of Finals Week

1. When a teacher let’s you use your notes

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to memorize lists, procedures, and random other things that are certainly relevant to life in order to pass a final. With that said, nothing seems to be more relieving than when the teacher tells you that you can use your notes to answer the questions on my final. This saves time, stress, and energy that I can instead use to actually do my laundry. Priorities, after all. Now just to find the notes that I never took all semester…

2. When I actually know the answer to the first question

Of all the once in a lifetime experiences, this seems to be the most relevant during finals week. The first question seems to set the tone for the rest of the test. If I happen to know the answer, I’m raising my chin high on another unlikely success by yours truly.  If I don’t know the answer, I find myself reflecting over how nice it was to actually think I had a chance passing the class. At this time, I remember to write my name on the test, because I actually know that answer.

3. When I see the whole test is multiple choice

No matter how long I study for a final, once the blank page of the test is presented, my mind tends to be just as blank. My brain needs a crank start like an old 120 cc motorcycle. So when the tests are handed out and I see that I have options already given for answers, I’m at least slightly encouraged. The only thing you have to watch out for are the teachers that justify giving essay questions because the rest of the test was multiple choice. Essays are unjustifiable.  

4. When I get to eat after a final

I mean, what’s a list without food involved. Whether it’s due to hanger (hungry anger) after a challenging test, relief over an easy test, or the fact that it’s happy hour at Sonic, there’s nothing better than getting to eat, knowing that you’ll never have to deal with that class again… hopefully. Getting to eat with a nice breeze blowing in through your car window as you drive home from the war of finals week really sets the tone for a much-needed summer break.

5. When it’s finally over… all of it

I mean, it’s over right? It’s as done as my first-ever attempt at cooking eggs (can finals be overdone?). It’s as finished as last week’s groceries. Now as irrelevant to me as the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016. Need I say more?   

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