Tech Guy: Study Apps for Finals

If you are anything like me, the one thing you’re good at is procrastination. That can be a real problem with final exams looming on the horizon.

Here are two great study tools I’ve found that might help you get through the next few weeks. They are pretty simple and allow you to use your mobile device to conquer finals.

Flashcards+ has all the functions a good flashcard app should have. The best feature, however, is integration with Quizlet.com and its large database of pre-made decks online that cover a huge array of subjects including chemistry, biology, physics, Spanish and other languages. For an in-app purchase, you can add the ability to hear the words properly pronounced.

For those on Android that prefer a different experience, there is StudyDroid Flashcard 2.0 Free. This app will let you use flashcards in a no-frills environment. This app also has some features such as sharing note cards and downloading pre-made decks.

Now that you are in the zone, relax, breathe and find a tranquil place to study. The white noise app is perfect for this. The app is basically a white noise generator that transports you to a different place. Customizable soundscapes are excellent for creating a calm meditative space in what some people call Starbucks in the back of the library. Countless times this app has kept me focused when those around me failed to notice the book in my lap and the annoyed glares.

Check out the free version and if you like it I strongly suggest stepping up and getting the pay version. The app is available on almost all devices including the Mac OS and Blackberry.

Here where to get these apps.

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