Series off to Repetitive, Solid start

“Magenta,” the third episode of the most recent season of “The Flash,” provides a very familiar series of events. Unfortunately, the events that take place in the third season of “The Flash” seem to be repeating those from the first two seasons.

Characters who didn’t previously have the “speed force” are now speedsters, due to the show’s repeated lapses back in time.

The repeated theme of whether or not main character Barry Allen is justified in going back in time to save his mother and father, only to face the consequences of this decision, is still relevant. This season, he is faced with new villains and once-conquered foes now on the loose.

Initially, the question of how Allen has his speed after changing the timeline to save his mother, and the frustration from having to again release the Reverse Flash, led me to think that this season would be a dud.

However, the new season eventually brings enough new material to keep the audience intrigued.

The new villain, Alchemy, helps bring another speeding villain, the Rival, to the scene. The new forensic scientist, Julian Dorn, also brings a new element to the show, as he immediately shows resentment while he works alongside Allen.

At the start of the season, viewers see the world where Allen saved his mother, before he had to change the timeline back. With the difference between the two timelines, Alchemy was able to remind people of their alternative life where they had power, and gave them that power to “fulfill their true potential.”

This was needed for the show, as an archenemy as a speedster would’ve turned away many viewers of “The Flash.”

Episode three of the season starts with Allen and Iris West going on another date, only to be interrupted by another criminal.

The new criminal affected by Alchemy, Franky, has the power of telekinesis, and uses this power to try and take vengeance on her stepfather.

Allen tries to save Franky as he sees the struggle between Franky and Magenta, the monster created by Alchemy that is trying to take over her body.

To add to the chaos, Dr. Harrison Wells and Jesse from Earth Two return, as Jesse now has the “speed force” herself.

It is revealed that Wells brought Jesse to earth so that the others could convince her to not use her speed. He tries to protect her, only to push her away, as he did in previous seasons.

Eventually, Magenta overcomes Franky, and tries to seek revenge by releasing a tanker on the entire hospital that holds her stepfather.

Barry Allen and a new helper join efforts to try and stop the monster that Alchemy caused to overtake Franky.

With new details about the supposed ghost at the end of the episode, it seems as though this new information will keep the series intriguing, and minimize the repetition of a new season.

Due to the new villain, and the possibility of inward conflict with one of the main characters, Wally West, I’d give the season and episode an 8 out of 10 rating.

“Flash” is available on the CW, Netflix and Hulu.

photo courtesy of denofgeek.com

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