Run the Jewels Goes Feline

Rap duo Run the Jewels released a new album with songs containing remixed cat sound effects titled “Meow the Jewels” on Sept. 25.

The rappers, EI-P and Killer Mike, released the first album ever to remix various rap melodies with cat meowing, screeching and purring effects. The pair still raps each verse in the same way they did from their prior album, however, the backing music has been replaced with recordings of cats.

Los Angeles Times reporters said shortly after “RTJ2,” the album the remix is done on, was released, the rappers jokingly mentioned the idea of the “Meow the Jewels Package.” The idea was discussed in a sales proposal and enhanced the thought for a new recording of the album.

As if the remixed album was not creative enough, EI-P and Killer Mike added cat-related titles to each song. “Lie, Cheat, Steal” from the “RTJ2” album is now “Lie, Cheat, Meow” on the remixed album. The song “All Due Respect” was changed to “Paw Due Respect.”

These simple changes to song titles make the album even more humorous and unusual.

The album’s producer, BOOTS, found various types of cats to record for the song titled “Meowrly.” Each cat was a different type, causing each sound to be different. The remixes designed each cat to meow, purr, moan or hiss to certain beats and rhythms in each song. The cat noises are rough, modified, quick or slow throughout each song, creating variety throughout the album.

The famous Instagram cat, Lil Bub, also makes an appearance in the album’s first song, “Meowpurrdy.”

The album is definitely a game-changer for the music world. Cat lovers will appreciate the individuality within the album.

Run the Jewels’ inappropriate rap verses revolving around sex, addiction, drugs, power and so on are almost overlooked in some songs because of the adorable cat sounds.

It’s kind of scary how catchy the majority of the cat beats are throughout every song. As you listen and catch on to the rhythm, you may start to hear yourself meowing along.

If you have not listened to this album, you are definitely missing out. It is odd, funny, inventive and incredible all at the same time.

Run the Jewels made this album because other musicians have never had a remix idea like this. This weirdly uncomfortable, yet creative collaboration of cat sounds shows how unique both rappers truly are.

The album is available on Spotify and a free download is on Run the Jewels’ website.

This article originally appeared in the Oct. 7, 2015 print edition of The Echo.

image via flavorwire.com

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