Rising star releases new chapter

R&B soul singer, Trey Songz released the fifth album of his music career, “Chapter V”, on Aug. 21, 2012.

Trey Songz is a Grammy-nominated, multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and actor.

His last album “Passion, Pain, & Pleasure” released in 2010 was focused on the ladies.

Produced by Rico Love, Benny Blanco, Stargate, Troy Taylor and more, “Chapter V” includes singles like “Hail Mary” featuring Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne and “Don’t Be Scared” featuring Rick Ross.

The album also includes appearances by Diddy, Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

Fans, especially the ladies, anticipated the release of this album. The title of the album and track list was released July 25. Songz’s album has a total of 18 tracks.

In the album’s opening track, “Chapter V,” Songz introduces himself as the reigning prince of R&B, which is true seeing that he hasn’t went astray from his R&B roots.

On his album, Trey Songz manages to still be a lady pleaser with songs like “Dive In,” “Panty Wetter” and “Inside Interlewd”.

Songz is a master at mixing his tracks between love, forgiveness, pain, and clubbing. He manages to make it work, unlike most R&B singers today.

He shows his fans a different side of him in his single “Playin’ Hard.” He raps about letting his ego get in the way of making his relationship work successfully. His rapping almost takes him away from his singing, but he redeems himself in his other works.

On this album, Songz seemed to try to reach out to the male crowd as well with his song “2 Reasons” featuring rapper T.I. This song was an attempt to reinvent the charm of “Say Aah” and “Bottoms Up,” and it does so successfully. It entices women one minute and then referring to them using derogatory terms.

Just like “2 Reasonz,” the single “Check Me Out,” featuring Diddy and Meek Mill, will be blaring through all club speakers very soon. The song sounds like a forgotten song from Diddy-Dirty Money’s previous album “Train to Paris” (2010).

Trey Songz’s current song “Heart Attack” has reached the top five on the billboards. He tells a story of being in love, but the love not being able to hold them together in the end.

The chorus says “In too deep, can’t think about giving it up, but I never knew love would feel like a heart attack.”

Just as we are shown a sad and emotional side of him, he returns back to the same womanizer and cocky guy in the single “Hail Mary,” featuring Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.

In this song he uses football terms and lingo to refer to women and the things he’d like to do with them.

According to Billboard, Trey Songz has finally received his first number one album on the charts at 135,000 sells reaching progressively higher as each album came out.

Trey Songz is currently on tour along with other Hip Hop and R&B artists such as Rick Ross and Brandy.

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