‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ Never Stops Disappointing

Three familiar comedians and members of The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer teamed up together and created a disappointing comedy.

Samberg plays Conner, Taccone plays Owen and Schaffer plays Lawrence. The three opened the film as the hip hop group The Style Boyz.

The group splits and Conner continues performing as Conner4Real and branches out as a solo rapper and singer. Owen continues performing with Conner as his DJ.

Within the first few minutes of the film I knew it was going to be a dud. My expectations were much higher since three talented comedians starred in the film.

It appeared as if Samberg took a few jabs at Justin Bieber. Samberg’s character is a heavily tattooed pop star, typically dressed in all-white attire.

The film is a mockumentary and satirizes some of the celebrity world today.  

Through triumph and failure Conner and Owen realize the Style Boyz should (of course) reunite.

I will say that Samberg depicted the goofy and dumb character role of Conner4Real with grace.

I was truly disappointed with almost every scene in the film. Each one was either too ridiculous or too boring.

It was a movie I will only watch one time and never watch again.

The Lonely Island is a group that I will always respect for its comedic uniqueness and over-the-top creativity.

Sadly, I would highly recommend not wasting one hour and 26 minutes to go see this film.

image via movielawn.com

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