Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ Is Smooth, Lacks Substance

On Jan. 15, 2016, Panic! At the Disco’s new album, Death of a Bachelor dropped and immediately rose to number one on iTunes.

I love classic Panic!, but I was also crazy about Too Weird to Live, Too Rare To Die!, their 2013 album. I was somewhat unusual for that; lot of fans didn’t like the poppy, tech-y direction that Brendon Urie and Panic! took in Too Weird to Live. The band takes an even more unusual direction in Death.

One of my favorite things about Panic! is their ability to make every album fresh and unique, while still retaining some key elements in their sound to tie everything together. Urie’s voice has a lot to do with that. It’s sexy, dynamic, tightly-wound and always thoroughly woven into the music coming from the rest of the band.

Urie himself attracts a lot of attention, whether you’re only hearing his voice or watching a video where he’s dressed up in steampunk garb or wearing nothing at all (link somewhat NSFW, FYI.)

As the single remaining member of Panic!, he holds audiences’ eyes and ears more than ever.

That’s right: Urie isn’t just the frontman anymore. He’s the only man.

And as much as I enjoyed Death of a Bachelor, you could tell.

When I listened to the singles released before the album came out, I was worried that Death would fall flat without the support of other band members. It doesn’t fall flat—far from it.  However, you can tell that Urie had creative control throughout the songs and that he’s relying on his voice to carry the album.

He’s still a talented lyricist and vocalist, and his experimentations with big brass and hip-hop are successful. This album is fun to listen to, but it doesn’t feel as complex or nuanced as some that have come before it.

If you feel like hearing Brendon Urie do a (pretty darn good) imitation of Frank Sinatra or you’re a longtime fan of his, buy the album for $9.99 on iTunes. Otherwise, stick to listening to the singles and looking it up on Spotify.

Album highlights include the perpetually catchy “Hallelujah,” the smooth Sinatra-inspired title track “Death of a Bachelor” and the soulful “Impossible Year.”

P.S.: If you’re a fan of Panic! At the Disco, they’re going on tour with Weezer this summer, during which they’ll stop in Rogers, Ark. The ticket presale begins Jan. 19, the general sale on Jan. 22.

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