Newest Rom-Com Shows The Benefits Of Being Young, Single In New York

Romantic comedy “How to Be Single” hit theaters just in time for Valentine’s weekend.

The film follows the character, Alice, played by Dakota Johnson. The setting of the film is in New York City. Alice decides to take a break from her long-term boyfriend.  The split allowed her to finally accept and enjoy the beauty of the single life.

Rebel Wilson made an appearance in the film as Alice’s best friend, Robin.

Wilson plays a carefree, wild and blunt character. Wilson never fails at having outrageous, inappropriate humor, leaving the audience nearly falling out of their seats. Wilson has a talent to make people laugh.

Robin teaches naïve Alice how beautiful being single can be. She begins drinking often, seeing other men and branching out in order to figure out who she really is.

Leslie Mann plays Meg, Alice’s older sister in the film.

Meg is a middle-aged obstetrician who appears to only be passionate about her job when in reality she does care about finding love.

While receiving some charm from a baby girl she delivered, Meg realizes the thing she wants most is a baby of her own.

Alison Brie plays Lucy, a young, desperate girl searching for someone to settle down with through online dating websites and algorithms. After so many dates fail her, she finally experiences actual chemistry with a man who witnesses her having a public mental breakdown.

The storyline revolves around the idea of commitment and how now men, and even women, rarely have interest in committing to one another and how this lack of commitment affects individuals in the long run.

“How to Be Single” is not a typical chick flick. Although the film initially appeared that way, having elements of the chick flick genre, the film offers viewers a variety of lessons to learn from.

Young girls can learn to focus on themselves before they focus on settling down and getting married.

Those in a relationship or looking for a relationship can learn to never settle for less than they deserve.

Those who have recently been broken up with or have broken up with someone can learn to enjoy and embrace the single life in the best way possible.

The film allows the audience to see and understand that you may not always be single, but while you are you should make the most out of it. Being single will most likely lead you to some of the best times you will ever have.

Every actor did an incredible job in this film.

Each female left viewers with a different perspective that relates to real life experiences, we have all had, or will have one day.

The movie exposed the audience to an entire spectrum of emotion ranging from laughs and tears.

“How to Be Single” is now playing in Conway at Cinemark Theater and in theaters in gLittle Rock. It is rated R for strong language and sexual content.

Originally published in the Feb. 17, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

image via comingsoon.net 

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