New TV Series Rivals ‘Lost’

The new ABC series “Resurrection,” which made its debut Sunday, March 9, could be the next “Lost.”

This series is based on Jason Mott’s book “The Returned” and is sure to be a hit for ABC.

Executive Producer Aaron Zelman developed the series with Plan B Entertainment and Brillstein Entertainment. “Resurrection” tells the story of people who died years ago and are coming back to life.

The show begins with an 8-year-old boy waking up in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. The boy is then taken to an immigration agent who gets the boy to tell him where he is from and what his name is.

Jacob, the boy, played by Landon Gimenez, tells the immigration agent he is from Arcadia, Mo. The agent takes Jacob to the house he says he lives in. When the immigration agent asks the 60-year-old couple if their son is lost, the husband, Henry Langston, played by Kurtwood Smith, says that his son died 32 years ago. The wife, Lucille Langston, played by Frances Fisher, realizes this is her son, despite Henry’s doubts.
This mysterious event causes a lot of questions in Arcadia, especially by Sheriff Fred Langston, played by Matt Craven. Sherriff Langston is the uncle of Jacob and his wife Barbara, played by April Billingsley, who drowned trying to save Jacob.

As I watched this show, I started to think that this might be a show about the belief that Christians will rise up from the dead when Jesus comes back to earth.

Jacob’s best friend Tom Hale, played by Walker Harris, is now a pastor, played by Mark Hildreth, who thinks there is a spiritual reason for what is happening in Arcadia.

This show will definitely be one of my favorites because of the great suspense and science it has in it.

I was drawn in by the soundtrack of this show and the trailer’s song “Holy Spirit Come,” by Planetshakers.

The debut of “Resurrection” drew 13.3 million viewers and scored a 3.6 rating among 18 – 49-year-olds, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The next showing airs at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 23, on ABC. It will have more mysterious events involving people coming back to life, including a woman who is reunited with her fiancé.

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