New Netflix Original Restores Hope in Romance

Netflix Original ‘Set It Up’ mixes modern-day humor with timeless romance, serving as a testament to this generation.

It’s the modern-day romantic comedy we’ve all been waiting for that restores our hope in not only rom-coms, but our hope in romance itself.

It’s brilliant, it’s genuine, it’s hilarious, it puts butterflies in your stomach and, most importantly, it’s women-empowering.

With notable actors such as Lucy Liu, Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell and Taye Diggs, mixed with director Claire Scanlon’s ingenious mind, the movie didn’t have a lot going against it.

The story starts with two overworked office assistants, Deutch and Powell, concocting a plan to hook their bosses, Liu and Diggs, up so they can have a life outside of food-runs and lost-hopes for promotions.

A friendship blooms in the midst of the collaborating and stealth, taking all four parties involved on a journey to discover whom they are when they are forced to be true to themselves.

Liu and Deutch as the two female leads express strength and fierceness in who they are throughout the film, as they don’t change themselves for anyone.

The storyline went right by giving Deutch depth with morals and strength, and giving Powell quick humility to be bold and true.

Netflix Film took to Twitter with this tidbit of information that added to the movie’s overall empowerment:

“Fun fact: Claire Scanlon directed “Set It Up” when she was 7 to 9 months pregnant, and often with her two-year-old daughter on set. She had her second baby a week after wrapping … Females are strong as hell.”

This is the best rom-com I have experienced since ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

I highly recommend.

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