‘Mother’ returns with beginning of end

“How I Met Your Mother” has returned to CBS after its holiday break.
Fans of the series have been eager to continue the story after the cliffhanger episode where Barney Stinson, played by Neil Partirck Harris, proposed to Robin Scherbatsky, played by Cobie Smulders.
Even though it was no surprise that these two will be married, it’s still important to the series. Now we’re closer to meeting “the mother.”
Yes, the series has returned after a well-executed episode that ended with Barney’s well-played proposal to the one woman he loves.
Fans of the show know that Ted Mosby, the narrator telling the story to his kids years from now, will meet his wife-to-be at their wedding. This means we’re getting closer to the end of the series.
Let’s just face it, at this point in the series none of us are concerned about how close Ted gets to meeting “the mother.” If we were, we would have quit watching around season five or six.
The series reminds us of the 90’s hit sitcom, “Friends.” Like “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother” keeps viewers watching because of the sharp writing and memorable characters.
We’re in the company of a group of friends who are maturing as seasons progress. Marshall Eriksen and his wife Lily Aldrin, who have been married since the second season, are now parents and Barney realizes there’s more to life than “scoring.”
Robin is slowly but surely letting down her guard and Ted remains a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places.
With these people starting to move on with their lives, how long will it take before this group of friends, who constantly hang out together at McClaren’s Pub in New York City, ultimately break away from each other? Everything is changing around them.
“Band or DJ,” episode 13, is proof of this for Marshall and Lily. Sure, the others hang around Marshall and Lily’s apartment and Marshall and Lily still come to the bar to share their ups and downs of dealing with parenthood, but it’s obvious that the members of this group continue with their own lives.
“Band or DJ” features Barney attempting to win the approval of Robin’s father, which he should have done before proposing to Robin. Robin knows that in her father’s eyes Barney is not good enough for her.
While it seems like the series is reaching its end and it’s becoming clear that these five people can’t hang out together forever, there are still laughs to be had in “Band and DJ.”
Among them are the one-liners the show has become famous for.
Another is Barney’s sarcastically romantic monologue that displays the great comic timing Harris can deliver.
“How I Met Your Mother” has returned with tough times for the central characters.
It’ll be a long, bumpy road but they’ll make it. Fans of the show surely hope they do because they like these characters and want things to go well for them.
As for Ted, his confusion and misery apparently won’t last long, as sometime soon he will finally meet “the mother.”
Remember the bass guitar, the band, the flash-forward, the wedding, the mother?
After eight seasons, Ted may finally get to the part in his story where he meets his wife. She better be a hell of a woman.

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