‘Lulu’ app shows social double standard

Society is used to hearing about men objectifying women, but with the new smartphone app called Lulu launched to the United States Feb. 5, women are able to rate and leave comments about men from around the area.

In an age where cyber bullying is at its peak with the amount of technology available for everyone, this app is the last thing that college women need to have on their hands.

The application uses Facebook to put every male friend that one has on Facebook onto the app with their pictures for others to rate.

The program uses a scale of one to 10 to rate the guy, but the girl is not able to assign the number herself.

The number is given based on the answers the girl gives about the guy at the end of rating him.

The girl is able to give him a label based on her relation to him. Some labels include “a hook up,” “crush” and “ex-boyfriend.”

After this, the girl answers a series of questions about the guy such as his appearance, humor, personality, future and relationships.

After the girl has answered questions about the innocent male, she chooses a list of hash tags for what is “best” and “worst” about the guy in question.

Some of the good hash tags include “respects women,” “tall dark and handsome” and “epic smile.”

Some of the bad hash tags include “still loves his ex,” “baby daddy” and “perfect for my sister.”

After all this is done, the app gives the girl a preview of what her rating will look like to other women with the number assigned based on the review.

Much of society does not understand that men, in fact, have emotions too and most would like to avoid being objectified and treated like a restaurant menu, especially if the rating we receive is low.

Emotional damage from knowing, and having everyone else know, what your strengths and weaknesses are in your personal life can be extreme for some, especially those who are already vulnerable or unstable.

This application is a gross display of superficiality used by women who act like they are still in middle school.

Admittedly, guys do the same type of thing when talking about women, but they do it in person with their friends and it is usually kept to that and not for the entire world to know.

It is sickening to know that every male on Facebook has his picture up on this website without his permission for childish women to rate and share with each other.

Women would not want an application such as this to be up for guys to rate and share things about them, as most would call it cyber bullying and would make a push to have it taken down immediately.

If women would not want something like this up with their pictures on it, the same thing should be said about this website with men.

The application should be considered hurtful and should be taken down because that is the only purpose it could possibly serve.

If women want to gossip about guys and their strengths and weaknesses, they should do it among themselves and not for the world to see.

Cyber bullying has already gone far enough and this is just one more step in creating a superficial world without privacy.

SGA Junior Class Vice President Candidate

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