Latest Florence Welch Single an Ethereal Music Success

Florence and the Machine released a thought-provoking new single titled “Sky Full of Song” on April 12 after nearly three years of no independent work, possibly signaling the release of a new album.

When you combine Welch’s powerful vocals with accents of plucking strings and fluid piano melodies, you find yourself stumbling gracefully upon the overarching tone of the newest single.

Graceful, pristine and lacking no emotional depth; Florence’s “Sky Full of Song” is sure to be on repeat on everyone’s indie folk playlists. Utilizing her classic chamber pop style, Florence evokes a sense of nostalgia with her heavy use of echoing instrumentals.

With the musical complexities Florence is known for and that this track provides, the song presents itself with a sense of simplicity.

Perhaps this is akin to the maturity that seems so simple once discovered after what seems like a lifelong journey, the same kind of maturity that’s so blatant and powerful in “Sky Full of Song.”

Lyrically, the song is also simple. Florence effortlessly delivers poetic verse after verse about self-discovery and honesty from deep within her lungs. The realization that is apparent on the track comes from what is a raw and uncelebrated place where she is at her most powerful and truthful.

“How deeply are you sleeping/or are you still awake?” the song’s lyrics begin, provoking an immediate sense of self-reflection that continues throughout the entire track.

As the song flows through the space time continuum of emotions, it becomes introspective; Florence sings about the process of actualization in a way that makes it seem as if it were natural and easy to every human being.

Yet again, this calls on the idea that though we all may face hardships big and small, they will all seem insignificant and unforced a couple of years down the road.

The single is accompanied by an artful video, which serves to further convey the ponderings ebbing and flowing from a lyrical standpoint. The video was directed by AG Rojas, who has also worked for Jamie xx and previous Florence collaborator Calvin Harris.

The video was shot primarily in black and white, featuring slow panning of almost still images of Florence on the ground, exposing her emotions all at once as she sings. Vulnerability is a rather difficult thing to grapple with, and it appears to simultaneously be Florence’s best friend and worst enemy in the video.

“Sky Full of Song” is the first track released from her upcoming album, which is allegedly titled “High as Hope.” If the rumors are true this album is scheduled to be released in June.

According to Rolling Stone, Florence said the song came to her “fully formed.”

“Sky Full of Song” is available for purchase on Google Play and iTunes and is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Photo from pitchfork.com.

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