Korean drama tells story of lonely girl, gives audiences look into values of Eastern culture

Asian culture becomes more embedded in Western countries, such as the U.S., every day.
There are many devotees of Japanese anime and manga, Korean dramas and pop music around the world.
I personally love everything that deals with Japan and Korea because these cultures are different from others, with peculiar traditions and perceptions of life.
It is something in Korean and Japanese cultures that many people admire and find interesting and unique and I also share these values.
Korean dramas reveal this side of Asian culture that many people want to see from the inside out.
They show the mentality of the Eastern people, their values, views and mode of life. The phenomenon of the popularity of Korean dramas can be explained because they have original plots and beautiful characters, though some are a little bit naïve.
Nevertheless, they are wholehearted, positive, kind and entertaining.
One of the Korean dramas that I recommend is “Flower Boys Next Door,” which is based on the manga webtoon by Yoo Hyeon Suk “I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day.” It is a story about a girl named Go Dok Mi who lives the life of a recluse and secretly watches her neighbor from the window of her apartment.
She would keep leading the life of a hermit if another character did not suddenly appear.
Enrique Geum comes to Korea from Spain and brings a fresh air to Dok Mi’s gloomy and lonely life. Gradually, Enrique falls in love with Dok Mi and tries to pull her out of her shell.
I think the director’s idea to show the world of a hermit with the social phobia who is hiding from everything and everyone is interesting.
However, because of Enrique’s efforts Dok Mi gradually manifests herself to the world. Overcoming the difficulties, personal fears, anxieties and memories of unpleasant events from her past doesn’t come easily to Dok Mi, but her new friend helps her to long for the world going on outside her apartment.
Geum shows Dok Mi that she has a lot to see and learn because there are many wonderful things in life.
Enrique’s character perfectly fits the story: he is a man who likes to play the fool, be funny, laugh at everybody including himself and share positive emotions with people.
He is not afraid to express his feelings or be a sincere and honest guy with a good sense of humor. In the drama, he is contrasted with Dok Mi, the light with the darkness.
I would say Enrique is the cheeriest, brightest and funniest character in this story and that he holds the audience’s interest. He jokes about gloominess of Dok Mi and viewers can look at her problems with a humor. Overall, everything in the drama is delivered with irony, but with a deep meaning and implying exhortation.
I am sure that after watching “Flower Boys Next Door” you will be in an excellent mood and enjoy a rise of physical and spiritual strengths and knowledge of treating unsociable people with understanding.
Park Shin-hye plays Dok-mi and Yoon Shi-yoon plays Geum.
The series was written by Kim Eun-jung and directed by Jung Jung-hwa
The series ran from Jan. 7 to Feb. 25 on South Korea’s tvN network for a total of 16 episodes.

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