Korean drama dazzles

Korean drama “Bel Ami”, which translates as Beautiful Man, was broadcasted on Korean television from Nov. 20, 2013 till Jan. 9, 2014. It is based on comic book series “Yebbeun Namja” by Chon Kye-Young. The cast includes actors Jang Geun Suk, IU, Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae- Young.

The drama is the story of a man named Dokgo Ma Te, who was born handsome and thus always attracted women. In the drama we see a transformational period in Ma Te’s life, who one day, with the help of another main female character Hong Yoo Ra, decides to be successful and chooses to reach his goal by “enchanting” women. As the story progresses Dokgo Ma Te meets 10 women. He looks for a key to their heart but every time in a different way. Those women help Ma Te to reach his goals and find his place in this world.

The film deals with the psychology of people because Ma Te had to learn to think from the perspective of a certain person. Sometimes this can be very challenging because everyone has a different background. But Ma Te’s charm and the ability to captivate people in spite of their different personalities helped him to see life in a full light – with all its pleasant and difficult moments. Ma Te gained skills in communication with people and with the connections he built his life in the right way. Hong Yoo Ra was directing Ma Te during most of the episodes and she was doing it because Ma Te also could help her in some way.

And, as many Korean dramas “Bel Ami” also has a love story – Ma Te’s family friend and his past neighbor Kim Bo Tong loves him with the craziness of a fan who loves an idol. Gradually in the course of the plot we can see that Bo Tong is not just staring at her object of love; it is not a thoughtless deification. The girl proves her feelings with actions of self-sacrifice by putting Ma Te’s interests above her own.

This drama is a good directory for describing female personalities and it also shows an example of the ideal type of love that everyone is seeking subconsciously. A cast of great actors makes the story exciting and interesting to watch. There are a several unexpected twists that the viewers don’t anticipate at all.

“Bel Ami” is definitely one of the best dramas of the year, it even beats The Heirs, in my opinion. So I hope everyone will enjoy “Bel Ami” because it is must see.

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