Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2

Anticipation of ‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ Season 2

Following the conclusion of a season of ones’ favorite show, enthusiasts await another episode. Faithful viewers of ‘Interviews With Monster Girls,’ say no different. The show’s first season was aired on January eighth of 2017 with 12 episodes. The season concluded on March twenty-sixth, 2017, without confirmation of a second installment or when it was to occur.

The show is included in the genres of comedy and supernatural. Some of the common themes of the show are monster girls, vampires, and other mythical creatures.

There is good news for fans everywhere—the show has made an official disclosure that season 2 will be aired. Stay tuned for the information known about the show, what to expect for season two, and how soon to anticipate.

About the Show

‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ is a Japanese series that takes place in a time Demi-humans, or “Demi” for short, has begun the process of becoming an accepted part of human society. The show captures an amusing and entertaining plot that keeps viewers enchanted with each scene. Despite its child-like ascription, the show still draws in fans of all ages.

Produced in the form of anime, the show has characters of appealing characteristics. Besides, the film has many funny moments that call for a response in laughter. Each episode runs a half an hour long.

The story tells of the main character, Tetusuo Takahashi, who is an average biology teacher at a High School. Her fascination with the Demi-humans leads her to investigate more about them. Her intuition reveals that although they have become integrated within society, there is more hidden information that has not been revealed to the human race. With this belief, Takeshi embarks with a purpose to interact and focus her attention on these unique humans to uncover as much new information as she is able.

‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ is a show following the experiences of Tetusuo during the time of her life when she is a teacher at Shibasaki High School. The three Demi students represent a calm Dullahan, an overactive vampire, and a timid woman, Yui Kusakabe. In continuing to find out more information about the Demis, Tetusuo goes on to interview the Demis. Her goal is to understand their abilities and skills and decipher the ways they think and interact with “normal” humans. After a series of episodes, Tetusuo later realizes that the Demis are not all that different from other human beings.

Now, how is she going to make others acknowledge this point?

Ways to View

Audiences will be able to watch the show on numerous well-known streaming sites and other platforms. Such sites include, but are not limited to:

  • Crunchyroll. This is with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles.
  • Funimation. The English version is available.
  • Amazon Prime. Season 1 is available for viewing and purchase. After release, Amazon will eventually make season two available.

When Will Season 2 Release?

The good news is the release date is coming soon, as revealed by A-1 Pictures. Producers disclosed a broad date range, rather than a specific time, as to when ‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ season two will be revealed. It is more ambiguous, indeed, and it is likely to be frustrating, but the idea is to keep an eye toward the future, continuing to be increasingly excited for what is to come.

So, the answer is soon.

The next season will be here before you know it! The prediction is that the upcoming season will be released at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021. The renewal will be handled by the same studio and director, Ryo Ando.

The Final Outlook

As you now know, as one interested in the show ‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ and want to see more, there is no need to fret. Season two is underway. As an anime film with a unique storyline and characters, viewers cannot get enough and are desperately asking for more. Luckily, we have pinpointed the estimated release date for season two and given you information on the platforms to stream from, when the time comes.

So, as a current fan, get ready to dive deeper into the lives of each character in the film as the next season soon premieres. You have time to binge-watch for those of you who have not gotten to see season one before the next one hits the media!

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